The Ultimate Guide to Aylesbury’s Parks and Playgrounds

We’re quite lucky in Aylesbury that we have a couple of large parks and playgrounds; Bedgrove Park, Vale Park, Whitehill Park and Alfred Rose Park, but there are also a number of smaller mini-parks and playgrounds dotted around. Obviously, some of these are better than others . We may not have one super-duper park like some places nearby, but we do have over 40 parks! That’s quite a lot. I’ve not been able to photograph all of them but I’m adding to this all the time. The Kingsbook Estate is going to have loads of playgrounds and parks. I’ll be updating this post with all of those as they open.

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The Fairmile playground in Aylesbury
Fairmile, Aylesbury. HP21 7JS

When I was a kid, this was a massive wooden fort and it was awesome! It’s been updated now though and it has similar equipment to a lot of the estate playgrounds around Aylesbury. There’s a little house, swings, slide, seesaw and climbing structure. There are benches for you to sit on and it’s on a green so the kids can run around a bit. It’s not enclosed though and it is surrounded on three sides by a road. The road isn’t especially busy though, except around the school run.

Parking here can be a pain – it’s used by the students of the three secondary schools around the corner.

Toilets – none nearby

Long Meadow, Bedgrove

The Long Meadow playground in Aylesbury
Long Meadow, Bedgrove, HP21 7EH
The bridge over the brook at the Long Meadow playground in Aylesbury

This little park is slightly hidden off of Long Meadow. It’s about 3/4 of the way between Limes Avenue and New Meadow where the brook goes under the road.

This has got some quite cool equipment; a mini fort with climbing wall, swings, a rope bridge obstacle course and a roundabout. There’s a little bridge over the brook to spot the fishes and tadpoles (if you’re lucky!)

Parking – on Long Meadow

Toilets – none nearby

Narbeth Drive, Broughton

Narbeth Drive, Aylesbury. HP20 1NT

Narbeth Drive has got a lovely little park next to a nature reserve. There’s a fair amount of equipment including a good zip wire. Click here for the full review.

Parking – on-street

Toilets – none nearby

Turnfurlong Lane

Turnfurlong Lane, Aylesbury. HP21 7PL

This is right next to the schools (the Cambourne Avenue side). It’s been here for quite a few years but it’s mostly well maintained. Because of the proximity to the school it does get a LOT of use whenever the weather is OK. It has swings, stepping stones, a see-saw, play frame for toddlers and another for bigger kids and a roundabout. It’s fenced off within a larger green.

Parking – on-road. Can be tricky during school hours so you could always park on the bend of Northumberland Avenue and walk through the alley. Fine at other times though.

Toilets – None nearby.

Brooks Mews, Off the Oxford Road

BROOKS MEWS playground
Brooks Mews, HP19 8FU

Hidden just off the Oxford Road near the TA centre is this little playground area. There is limited visitor parking nearby so it’s best to walk if you can.

Waivers Way, HP21 9RL

The playground at Waivers Way
There’s a decent sized play area for a range of ages. There’s a slide, tower to climb, swings, see saw and a few other bits.
Parking; On-street.
The playground at Waivers Way

Denby Walk, Off the Oakfield Road

Denby Walk playground
Denby Walk, HP20 1LW

You can see this just off the Oakfield road but there is on-street parking on Denby Walk. For older children this is a tower with slide, zip wire and swings etc. There is also a separated toddler area that’s got a smaller tower with slide (smallest child couldn’t climb on her own) and some swings. On the other side of the Oakfield Road there is also an outdoors gym and sports court. You can access this by walking under the bridge.

Haddington Way, HP20 1HH

I’ve not been here for a few years but they’re got various bits of wooden play equipment including spinning disk, swings, slides etc. Similar to Haydon Hill etc. Photos to follow. On-street parking.

The Coppice park, Meadow Way, HP22 5BS

I’ve never actually been to this park and didn’t know it existing until I started researching this article. It seems to be quite big though. It’s a similar age and style to the equipment on Haydon Hill / Quarrendon. Photos to follow.
On-street parking.

Dunsham Park, Cleveland Road, HP20 2AZ

In a larger recreation ground but the playground itself is quite small. Metal play equipment, mainly seems to be better for smaller kids although there’s an activity/fitness trail for older kids. There’s also a sports court. Photos to follow. On-street parking.

Brunswick Close, Quarrendon. HP19 9LP

Near to the sports courts and on a large rec space. It’s also got a car park nearby. Wooden play equipment such as slides, swings and a climbing frame. Not a large playground.

Riverside Walk Park, Meadowcroft. HP19 9LP


This is further along the same road as the playground above, past Chantry Road. It’s got a slide, swings, zip wire, climbing frame etc. It also has a cute carved bird you can sit in. Parking on that bit of the road can be a bit rubbish so you might be better parking at the end of Beresford Avenue and walking through. Photos courtesy of Faye Ebrey.

Carlton Close, HP19 9HR

You can see this one off the Bicester Road near the Rabans Lane turning. It’s a large park with quite a lot of equipment. It’s almost always got kids on it so I guess that’s a good sign. Parking is at the end of Carlton Close and then walk through. Photos to follow.

Somerville Way, Prebendal Farm

Somerville Way, Prebendal Farm, HP19 7QT

I cannot begin to explain to you how much I dislike the play area at Someville Way. I used to play here a lot as a child and it was essentially just a massive scaffolding fort then. TBH, that’s an improvement on what’s currently here. It’s the only playground for an estate that has lots of teenagers who don’t know what to do with themselves, so they hang out here instead! The equipment is poorly maintained and every single time I’ve been here that has been rubbish all around. It’s near us so the kids always want to go there but it’s terrible. If you’ve read many of my reviews you’ll know it’s quite rare for me to give a bad review, but I’d happily give this place a 1 or a 0!

Elm Green, HP21 8HR

Small play area just off Prebendal Avenue. There’s swings, a see saw and a play frame. Synthetic surface so it’s good for all weathers. Best suited to younger children. There is parking though. Photos to follow.

Edinburgh Playing fields, HP21 8NG

Of all the parks in Aylesbury this probably has one of the worst reputations. I’ve not been here in a long time so I cannot say if that’s justified or not. They do however have good parking and quite a lot of play equipment for a range of ages. Older children seem to be better catered for than younger ones. Photos to follow.

cottesloe Park, Fremantle Road, HP21 8EJ

This is off the junction of Ellen Road and Churchill Avenue but access for cars is also off of Freemantle Road. It’s a large space with lots of equipment, particularly for older children. I usually see kids 8+ playing here, if not older. There is also a sports court. Photos to follow.

Haydon Hill Recreation Ground

Rembrandt End, HP19 8DX

This is one of the larger play areas in Aylesbury and it’s set within a recreation ground. The playground itself has got some fairly good equipment; a climbing frame, swings, zip wire, little wooden house, slide, see-saw etc. The main footpath does run through the middle of the park and it’s popular with dog walkers so I have found dog mess around previously.

Parking – there are a few spaces at the end of Rembrandt End, otherwise it’s on-street parking. No toilets nearby.

Walton Court Park, Cole Road, HP21 8TJ

Apparently this boasts the tallest slide in Aylesbury! It’s got separate toddler and older children’s play areas with a reasonable amount of equipment. It’s got synthetic flooring so it’s good for all weathers. Parking is in the Walton Court shops’ car park. Photos to follow.

Bateman Drive, HP21 8AF

Quite small playground but it’s got some climbing frames and nets, tunnels, slides, swings and a see saw. On-street parking. Photos to follow.

Simpson PLace, HP21 7LU

Larger than Bateman Drive this park has got lots of wooden play equipment including bridges, swings, nest swing, slides and a little house. Off-road parking next to the park. Photos to follow.

Fairford Leys

The Monks Path play area in Fairford Leys
Just one of the many parks in Fairford Leys, Aylesbury

Fairford Leys has got parks dotted all over the place. This is just one of them, on Monks Path. There are others at; Parminter Close, Sandhill Way, Brimmers Way, Napier Road, Saunders Place, Markham Close and Rixon’s Meadow. These parks are all relatively similar in size and equipment; swings, a play frame and a couple of other items. Fairford Leys also has a slightly larger park at Swallow Lane which also has a sports court.

It’s great that everyone in Fairford Leys has a park just around the corner, this was the first place in Aylesbury to do this, but they are starting to look a bit tatty now and need some TLC. Also, they’re all grass playgrounds so they get very muddy very quickly and the equipment tends to be more suited to younger children.

Swallow Lane playground

There is also a footpath that runs right around Fairford Leys. It’s mostly away from cars and links quite a few of the playgrounds. It’s useful if you want a bit of a wander but don’t want to go too far. It’s also very useful when teaching kids to ride their bikes. It’s built on the flood plain for FFL so it can get flooded in winter.

Buckingham PArk

Surprisingly there are only two playgrounds on Buckingham park. One is near the community centre off Jubilee Square (you can park here and walk across) and the other is off Beeston Lane. Of the two the one near Jubilee Square is much larger and also has a skate park. Photos to follow.


Just some of the equipment at Marston Green play area

Berryfields is another new estate that has lots of parks and play areas in it. The Marston Green one is quite large and includes sports courts. Click the link for the full review. The new Roman Park play area is going to be park of a large recreation ground, but for now it’s just the playground. Have a look at photos by clicking here.

There is another large park on the corner of Russet Street and Pippin Road. Again, it has lots of really good equipment for a range of ages. There’s a mini obstacle course, climbing frame, spinny-thing (that’s its technical name), swings, tunnels and more. Plus it has sports courts.

There are smaller ones dotted around the estate as well: There’s one at Barland Way plus:

Marston Brook playground

Marston Brook , Ox Ground – HP18 0FF
A new park is being opened on Seabright Way,  HP18 1AF
A new park is being opened on Seabright Way, HP18 1AF

I’ve been told there are also new ones off Newton Avenue, Laxton Road, D’Arcy Close and Excalilbur Way.

Parking – on-road. No toilets nearby.

Slightly further afield we have Gadebridge Park in Hemel, The War Memorial Recreation ground in Stone, Little Milton playground, Buryfields Recreation ground in Great Missenden, Aston Clinton park and The Rye in High Wycombe. Of course, there are many more and I’ll add reviews as I work my way around them! Where do you think I should start?

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