Bedgrove Park

Ambleside, Aylesbury, HP21 9TT

I grew up near this park and have spent many a happy hour here (particularly rollerblading and fishing!!). It’s had a bit of an upgrade since then though. The park is split into two main areas; The spinney and the main park.

The spinney is a small wooded area with paths through to other areas of Bedgrove. There is a stream running through, and in places kids can get down to the stream to have a play if they want to. There are a lot of very active squirrels in this bit of the park. It’s small but it’s a nice enough walk (particularly for smaller children).

The main park is HUGE. I think it may actually be the biggest park in Aylesbury. At the heart is a community centre (check out their website for what’s going on) but there is also a playground, pond and stream, basketball/football/tennis/netball courts, a teenage area and the playing field itself.

The kids’ playground is mainly wooden play equipment such a playframes, swings, nest swing and a zip wire. There are benches for grown-ups too (why do so many parks not have benches!??!) The park is marketed as suitable for 2-12 years but there are a couple of things smaller kids could go on too. There are a couple of exits but it is very open plan so you don’t have to worry about losing the kids.

The main field is basically just a playing field but it does have some goals set up. It is used by the local kids’ football team so it can be busy at weekends but there is plenty of space for everyone. There are various benches around the edges of the park.

There are limited paved areas in this park, just through the spinney and one path from the car park, past the courts and back into the estate. If you want to explore the park you have to go off-road.

The biggest problem I have with this park is dog mess. In my opinion it has a real problem, particularly around the perimeter of the park. They do provide bins but clearly not everyone uses them!

Entry – Free

Parking – Free but not a huge amount

Toilets – Yes. They’re you’re typical park toilets; metal pedestals, all in one soap/water/dryer sinks. They are locked at night and I’ve never found them to be in a bad state. 

Food – Sometimes there is an ice cream van but that’s it

Picnics – Welcome

Rating – 3/5 but this is purely because of the dog poo. Otherwise it would be a 4. Honestly, if you don’t want to pick up dog poo don’t get a dog!!

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