Aston Clinton Park

London Road, Aston Clinton HP22 5HL

This is a little hidden gem just outside of Aylesbury. There is a decent sized playground area, football pitches on the main field, a fitness trail, basketball courts, skate park and even a beach!! There are a few walking trails you can do around and from the park but the ones on-site are fairly short.

The footpaths from the car park to the playground are good and the playground itself is fenced off with 2 exits points. There is also a footpath down to the beach area. The playground has a very tall slide, a mini fitness trail, smaller toddler play frame and a larger play tower plus other equipment. Unfortunately when we last went several of the pieces of equipment had been broken. Whilst this had been made safe, it was still a shame.

They have two swings suitable for children with mobility issues and a level access roundabout as well.

The toddler play frame at Aston Clinton Park

The Beach – I’ve mentioned this a couple of times. Bucks being somewhat landlocked (apparently the furthest point from the sea in the UK but that’s disputed) it’s not an actual beach of course! There is a stream that goes through the back of the park and they’ve put lots of shingle down to make a beach. Relatively recently they added several benches too. Most of the shingled area is quite shallow, but do watch the very little ones because it does get deeper in places. You will get muddy here, not all of it is shingle and, of course, mud + water + children = lots of mud! My kids and their friends love this place.

Aston Clinton on Sea!

Follow the footpath at the back of the playground to go to the beach. There is also a path through the woodland area of you fancy off-roading.

The seating around the beach

Food – there is a cafe on site. It’s relatively reasonably priced and serves a decent variety of food. Look out for the Chocolate brownies. They are huge and really good. There is seating inside and out.

Some of the home made cakes on offer at Your Cafe in the Park
Just some of the home made cakes on offer

There are also various picnic benches around the playground and beach area.

Parking – this has recently been improved (less of the huge pot holes that were a big issue before). There is plenty of it and it’s free. When there’s a match on I imagine it can get pretty busy though, despite overflow car parks.

Toilets – These are within the cafe. Not the best toilets in the world but relatively clean. Fairly short cubicles if you’re having to take a little one in with you. The baby change area is just a table in the corner.

Cost – free entry

Parking – on site and free

Overall rating – 4/5


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