Woodland, Lakes and Hills – Free things to do outdoors

Going for a walk in the woods with the kids is one of my favourite free things to do outdoors. I love going to the woods and the kids never seem happier than when they’re climbing a tree! Here in Buckinghamshire there is lots of amazing woodland right on our doorstep. Amazing free things to do outdoors don’t stop at woodland though. There are rivers, hills, lakes, canals and more. Most of these are free to visit, or at least you’ll only have to pay for parking.

On this page you’ll find reviews of woodland and other outdoors family activities in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. There are also a couple of places from outside of these counties, but they’re all easy to get to from our area.

It’s also worth having a look at websites like the Wildlife Trust or Forestry Commission to find local free things to do outdoors.

If you have any recommendations for cheap outdoors family activities in our area then please just get in touch contact@freetimewiththekids.com

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