Narbeth Drive Park

Narbeth Drive, Aylesbury

This is a small playground area in the Broughton area of Aylesbury.  It has a good play frame (not suitable for the smallest children though because there are large gaps between steps), a really good zip-wire, lots of different swings, a see-saw and some other bits of equipment for scrambling over. The boys had a great time but there was nothing really for smallest child to do other than the swing. Generally the park was well maintained but when I went there was a lot of broken glass on the floor. Smallest child was having quite a stumble-y day and she had a couple of near-misses which meant we didn’t stay in the park as long as the boys would have liked. 

The playground is set in a nice green space so there’s lots of opportunities for running around and playing games. There is no fence between the playground and the road but it is a big green space so that’s not too much of a concern. 

The hidden bonus of this park is that it’s right next to the brook and a nature reserve! This means a little play at the park can also be a nice walk (including for your four legged friends). Behind the park is a row of trees – behind the trees is the brook and there are lots of access points from the park to the footpath that runs alongside it. If it’s been very wet it can get a bit boggy and slippy at times. You can follow the footpath until you get to a little bridge that leads to the nature reserve if you want to. If you don’t fancy that walk, or have a pushchair and can’t get through, then there is a more accessible path. If you stand with the line of trees on your right hand side then there is a row of houses in front of you. To the right of those trees is a paved footpath. This follows the line of the brook and takes you to the same bridge. 

In order to access the lake you have to cross a style (and quite a high one at that) so it’s not accessible. It was very awkward getting over it with smallest child in a sling. I’m very glad no-one caught my very un-lady-like stumbling on camera. You can walk around the lake if you want to and I’ve seen people fishing in it. Again, it can be a bit slippy in places and narrow in places so it’s probably not suitable for the smallest children to walk alone. Apparently you can see quite a lot of wildlife around the lake (but we didn’t actually get to see anything other than the odd goose). 

If you are not able to go around the lake then you can follow the footpath and it takes you round to the Oakfield Road park and playground. You can then do a circular walk by turning left down the Oakfield Road and then left down Broughton Avenue until you get back to Narbeth Drive. 

Entry – Free

Parking – On-road, free

Toilets – None on-site

Food – None on-site but there are a few shops off Broughton Avenue.

Rating 3 / 5. It’s a nice little park and worth a trip across town. I’m not sure it’s awesome or big enough for more than about a 20 minute drive. 

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