Osterley Park

Jersey Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 4RB

Any fans of Horrible Histories in your house? How about Batman? Both of these (any many more) were filmed at Osterley Park. It has such a unique facade that once you’ve been you’ll see it pop up quite often.

The house itself is amazing – you can see why it’s so popular with film scouts. Even the entrance to the house is incredible – you go up the vast stone steps, across a courtyard and in through the portico. There are loads of rooms to explore, both above and below stairs. Given the size of the place there are lots and lots of rooms that are not open to the public. I do wonder what’s in those rooms…..

The main staircase is incredible – they actually had to remodel the staircase because they brought the mural that is on the ceiling and it didn’t fit above the existing one. Rather than just not buying the painting, they did a major DIY project instead!!

One of the rooms was used as the entrance to the Bat Cave. When middle child was told this he thought it was AMAZING that he actually got to look at the Bat Cave entrance. Thankfully they don’t let you look in the “cave” otherwise I think his dreams would have been shattered – it’s just a cupboard 🙁

They also have a couple of resident ghosts at Osterley. One of them is supposed to haunt the staircase and I swear middle child saw it because he refused to walk up the stairs! (I didn’t find out it was haunted until a while later when I went on a tour after dark). I didn’t see anything at all though! Various people have seen things; including the crew of the Batman film.

As well as the house they have lovely gardens, a lake, a meadow, a play trail and an extensive estate. I think we were being a bit thick as we completely missed the play trail, but we still have a lovely time running around the gardens and the various buildings within in. There has recently been a lot of work going on in the gardens to improve the visitor experience. They also have massive deckchairs dotted around so you can just chill out and have a rest whilst the kids have a run around.

Whilst you cannot visit Osterley Park between school runs, it is an easy day-trip. It is very close to the airport so it does get quite noisy, but that makes it great for anyone who likes planes! They do park runs on a regular basis as well. We did explore the wider estate but didn’t get chance to look at much of it as it had been a long day and the kids were starting to get tired.

As you’d expect from an NT property they do regular trails and activities during the holidays. They tend to have quite a few gardening clubs as their main holiday activity which is quite cool.

The house isn’t accessible with a pushchair, but they do have a buggy park and you can either bring a sling or borrow one of theirs.

Entry – FREE for NT members. £33 for a family ticket. If you are just visiting the park and grounds then entrance is FREE as well.

Parking – on-site. Because you can access the wider estate without going into the grounds there is a separate charge for parking of £7 per day. It’s free for NT members though.

Toilets – On-site, including for people only visiting the park

Food – A lovely little cafe on site. Picnics are also welcome.

Rating – 4 / 5. It’s been a while since we were last here and it’s definitely due a re-visit (if nothing else so I can get some more photos!)


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