White Hill Park

Oxford Road, Aylesbury. HP20 2JW

White Hill Park is our go-to snow park because it has a small hill near the entrance. It’s steep enough that the kids can sledge down it without being so steep that they end up going at break-neck speed.

When it’s not covered in snow then White Hill is a quite large park near to the town centre. The new “Aylesbury Quarter” estate is at one end and I assume that the facilities were improved when that was built. As well as the grassed area there is quite a long play trail.

The play trail at White Hill Park
The sports courts and playground at White Hill Park

They also have a sports court (no booking required) and a decent sized playground area. The main bit for older kids is a good climbing frame with rope bridge and climbing wall. There is also a see-saw, a spiny-pole and swings.

Younger children also have swings plus they have a little house with a slide and stepping stones. Even smallest child could get around this quite happily. I have been here in the winter before and the entire playground was boggy. I’m not sure if that was a one-off but it was really bad.

The playground area and the play trail are not enclosed at all. This lead to a problem though. The park is very popular with dog walkers and there are bins dotted around. However in TWO different places, right next to play equipment, there was dog poo. Smallest child nearly stumbled onto one bit. Now, I don’t have a dog, but I used to and I have nothing against dogs. What I do have a problem with is lazy dog owners. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PICK UP POOP DON’T GET A DOG!!!!! It drives me crazy, it’s disgusting and it’s dangerous. There’s never any excuse for not picking up after your dog, but it’s even worse in a play area. Rant ends.

White Hill doesn’t exactly have the best reputation but, dog mess aside, I’ve never personally noticed anything untoward. I’ve also never found needles or anything like that so I’m not sure if it’s just an urban myth. That said, I do keep a close eye on the kids when we’re there just in case.

Rating – 2.5 / 5 – The equipment is good enough, but the poo was a real problem for me. The kids always enjoy coming here though.

Parking – Shockingly bad. The only car park is actually the car park for the Doctor’s surgery so it’s always rammed. If you were to drive you’d either have to park on Palmer Avenue, Quercetum Close or Stilton Close. These all have paved access to the park.

Toilets – None on-site

Food – None.

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