Black Park Country Park Review

How have I never been to Black Park Country Park in Bucks? A friend of mine grew up around the corner from here and has raved about it so often I got her to show me around. It’s so lovely here. Despite being there for most of the day we actually only got to explore a really small part of the park. Top tip – even if it’s not muddy make sure you take your wellies with you.

We started off with a walk around the lake. For a large part of the lake the edge is really shallow and easy to get to so the first thing the kids did was get in for a paddle. Whilst you used to be able to swim in the lake you cannot any more. The kids were having so much fun splashing in puddles and at the edge of the lake that we took forever to walk round to the lakeside cafe. Not that it mattered at all – they were having too much fun.

The lake at Black Park Country Park
The Lake

It’s worth noting that at certain points the lake is very deep from the right at the water’s edge so make sure you keep a close eye on the kids around these bits. They are signposted though.

There is a nice cafe at the edge of the lake. It’s got a large deck with lots of outdoors seating, as well as seating indoors. There are also quite a lot of benches dotted around that you can use for picnics. Their ice cream was really good and service for hot food was very quick.

Our friend took us to a little area at the side of the lake just past the cafe and the playground area. Here the water’s edge is shallow and for quite a long way in so you can splash around for ages. It was the proper, outdoors children’s fun that I grew up on and made me feel kind of nostalgic. I believe it gets really busy here during the summer months but today it was just a brilliant way to spend a few hours.

The little cove at the the edge of the lake
The little cove at the the edge of the lake
Dogs are very welcome at Black Park and the lure of the water is too much for many

Near to the cafe there is a brilliant adventure playground. Apparently this is aimed at “younger children” but the sign say it’s for under 12’s. This is a huge playground with so many pieces of equipment. There is a wooden fort, climbing frames, swings and loads more. In the middle there are several benches so again, you can set up camp there for the day if you wanted to. It’s so close to the cafe and there’s toilets nearby as well. There’s a good reason why this is so popular!! There wasn’t a massive amount for smallest child but she’s currently obsessed with slides and they had a really easy one for her that she was quite happy going up and down for ages before exhaustion took over.

We didn’t actually explore much/any of the woodland around the lake because we didn’t have time on this trip. There are loads of footpaths around the park though, including cycling paths. There is also a large meadow with lots of picnic benches which is great for playing games in. You can get a permit for fishing and you can sail model boats on the lake. Near the car park there is a Go Ape, junior Go Ape, Forest Segway, a new Net Kingdom which looks amazing fun and Alice’s Treehouse which is a play area for older children.

It took us about 45/50 minutes to get there and, now I know it exists we will absolutely be back to explore further. It’s right across the road from Langley Park Country Park which is also worth exploring.

Entry – Free

Parking – on-site and there was a fair amount of it. Over 4 hours was £5.50

Address – Black Park Road, Wexham. SL3 6DS

Toilets – on-site

Food – cafe and a kiosk on site. Lots of places for picnics

Rating – 5/5. There’s loads of things to do here and splashing around in the lake was so much fun. It really is a fantastic park for the whole family.

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