Tring Park Review

The first time I came here I brought Middle Child and our visit lasted for about 20 minutes! He was stung by a stinging nettle and decided fairly quickly he’d had enough. We only managed to explore one small corner of the park. That was several years ago. I decided it was about time I went over to Tring Park to do a full review. This time I actually went without the kids!

If you’ve ever driven along the A41 between the two Tring junctions you will have driven straight past the massive Tring Park. You might not have even realised it was anything other than open countryside though. Apparently it’s a Site of Scientific Interest because of some of the rare and uncommon wildlife you’ll see here.

Tring Park Review, Tring, Hertfordshire | Free Time with the Kids

The Parkland

Tring Park Review, Tring, Hertfordshire | Free Time with the Kids

The parkland is vast but only takes less than half the area of Tring Park. There’s LOTS of rabbits running around and there’s a heard of cattle that roam free. Wandering around the parkland there are some stunning views of Herts, Beds and Bucks. Because of the all the animals that call this place home, there is a fair amount of rabbit, cow etc poop around. Wellies might be a good idea for those kids that aren’t great at stepping over the steaming piles!! This part of Tring Park is hilly. In fact, it’s quite steep in places. Whilst you could get a pushchair around here, I think it would be hard going up the slopes.

It would, however, be a nice spot for a picnic. Just mind where you’re sitting!

The Woodland

At the back of the parkland there are several different woodland areas, according to the map that is. To me it just looks like one big woodland area! Anyway, it’s quite a steep walk to get up into and through the woods. Depending on the route you take it’s a VERY steep walk in places but it’s worth it. The views from up on the woodland area are amazing. You can see; Tring, Aylesbury (look for the wind turbine), the Tring Reservoirs, Waddesdon Manor, Mentmore Towers (looks a bit like a castle) and much more. You really do have to stick to the paths, rather than being able to explore a bit more, but it’s a pleasant walk. Hidden in the trees there’s an obelisk and a summer house.

Tring Park Woods, Tring, Hertfordshire | Free Time with the Kids
Tring Park Review, Tring, Hertfordshire | Free Time with the Kids

The Natural Play Area

I’d seen this drawn on the map and it looks really cool. It’s right at the back of Tring Park, up some steep paths. Just as we were walking into the play area I said to my friend “it had better be worth it after that walk.” Sadly I’m not sure it was! This is basically all there is to it.

Natural Play area | Free Time with the Kids

If you’ve seen the image on the map you’d probably be a bit disappointed. There is a really good den building area, but I’m not sure I’d make the kids walk up to this bit to play. I think they’d have more fun wandering around the woods and parkland.

Family Walks at Tring Park

If you visit the Woodland Trust’s website there’s a map of the four main walks through Tring Park. The Ridgeway National Trail goes right through the woodland. There are also three other walks. These range from 30 mins (1.5 miles) to 90 mins (2.5 miles). If you’ve got under 5’s you might just want to stick to the yellow route through the parkland as that’s the easiest and involves the least hill walking.

Social Distancing Information

There is so much space here for everyone to enjoy. I’d almost be impressed if you got in people’s way. The footpaths throughout the woodland are much more than 2m wide so you should easily be able to your distance even on busy days. There are various kissing gates throughout the park. The natural play area is a high contact area.

Our Tring Park Review

I’m really glad that I came back to have a proper look around. I’m also glad that I didn’t bring the kids to do this review of Tring Park. It’s a large site, and not easy on the legs. I don’t think we would have been able to explore everywhere if Smallest Child was with us. It’s really beautiful, but if you have young children it’s probably best to do it in sections. The natural play area really didn’t meet my expectations.

Admission Cost

Entry is free

Parking / How to get there

Parking – Free on-site car park. It’s shared with the Natural History Museum. The car park is open 10:00 – 17:00. There is very limited parking on Hastoe Road itself that a lot of people use, but ideally you should leave this for residents. Alternative parking is in the village centre, a short walk away.

How to get there – Off Hastoe Road, Tring. Best Postcode – HP23 6AR

The car park is on the opposite side of the A41. You can either access it via the bridge (the massive sweeping slope onto and off the bridge takes ages). Alternatively you can walk along Hastoe Road and under the A41 to access Tring Park via steps.


None on site but Tring Natural History Museum is next to the car park. Toilets are only open during museum opening hours though.


There aren’t any picnic benches in the parkland, but you could bring a blanket for a picnic. There’s some seating dotted around the woodland areas. No food on-site although there is a cafe at the Natural History Museum when it’s open.

Other places nearby

Obviously there’s the Natural History Museum. There’s also College Lake, the Tring Reservoirs (including Wilstone Reservoir) and the Ashridge Estate. Wiggington playground (including a cafe with toilets) is a couple of minute’s drive away.

Tring Park Review, Tring, Hertfordshire | Free Time with the Kids

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