Langley Park Country Park Review

I’ve previously done a review of Black Park Country Park and I decided it was time to check out Langley Park Country Park which is across the street! Both are run by Buckinghamshire Country Parks but Langley Park is significantly quieter. We were there for four hours today and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. That’s partially because we had a lot of pit-stops for playing, and partially because it’s a really big site.

The playground area

It’s rare for me to start a review with something negative, but the playground area was the first bit of Langley Park Country Park that we explored. And it was our least favourite bit. Don’t get me wrong, the equipment isn’t bad as such, it’s just that there really isn’t a lot of it. There’s a really quite large playground area that has got two small wooden houses, two sets of swings, a wooden train, a see-saw and some logs dotted around to jump / sit on. That’s it. Nothing else. Except LOADS of empty space – which is kind of the point of the rest of Langley Park Country Park!

Because I’m an idiot and cannot read my messages properly we arrived here 45 minutes before our friends. By the time they arrived the kids were well and truly ready to leave the playground, which never happens! To be fair to them, the website does say it’s suitable for younger children, and Smallest Child (3) did enjoy it more than the boys did.

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The woodlands and parkland

Immediately next to the car park there is a path called Verney’s Walk which goes through some lovely woodlands. We didn’t explore much of this bit this time but, what we did see looked like a decent enough woodland. There’s plenty of wooded areas dotted all around the parkland and there are some amazing climbing trees and fallen trees for the kids to play on and explore.

I’m kind of gutted that we didn’t have the time to explore more of this and just stayed around the edges but the kids had found some really good climbing trees that they spent AGES playing on. Great fun, but not so great for writing a review of Langley Park Country Park. Still, it gives me another excuse to go back!

Langley Park Country Park, Iver, Buckinghsamshire | Cheap family days out | Free Time with the Kids

There’s tons of space here for games, some excellent spots for playing hide and seek, having picnics and just generally hanging out. You could quite probably just set up on the first green you come to from the car park and spend most of the day there. But then you’d be missing out on the rest of the park…

The Temple Gardens

From April until June the Temple Gardens are ablaze with colour thanks to the huge variety of Rhododendrons growing here. It reminds me of the equally impressive display at Kew Gardens. Although I had fully intended to explore the gardens, we ran out of time and they’re not quite in full bloom yet so I’ll have to come back.

There is a spot in the temple gardens where, on a good day, you can see all the way to Windsor Castle. Considering they’re some 5 miles away that’s not bad going!

The Arboretum

This is where we spent quite a considerable chunk of our time. In early spring there’s tons of daffodils here. During late spring/early summer there are yet more rhododendrons in the arboretum and there’s a epic den underneath them. It’s next to a couple of massive trees that are perfect for playing in and around so we were here for quite a while. There’s also a little lake and the cutest bridge. The kids kept picking up petals and throwing them into the water from the bridge instead of playing poohs sticks.

Langley Park Country Park, Iver, Buckinghsamshire | Cheap family days out | Free Time with the Kids

Langley Lake

We walked all the way down to Langley Lake, which is technically outside of the boundaries of Langley Park Country Park but is still included in some of their walks. It was so peaceful here, and there was a fallen tree that the kids were all over! Literally.

Part of this route is along a public bridle path and it’s right next to some fields full of horses. We got to meet a lovely young horse, and the owner even let us feed him. From the amount of horse droppings around here it looks like it’s quite a popular path so you might get to see one too.

Langley Park Country Park, Iver, Buckinghsamshire | Cheap family days out | Free Time with the Kids

Family walks through Langley Park Country Park

You can quite happily just wander around the park but there are a couple of designated walks you can do. There’s the history trail which is 4.5km and the slightly shorter tree trail which is 2km.

Our Langley Park Country Park review

The reduced parking, and vast size here means that it felt surprisingly quiet. I think the best time to visit will be in the spring / summer, but it’s a decent walk with plenty of variety at any time of year. The playground is disappointing. Very disappointing, particularly in comparison to Black Park Country Park. I think, mainly because of the much better facilities across the road, a lot of people would choose Black Park over Langley, which means it stays quieter for those who do want to visit!

Admission Cost

Free to visit

Parking / how to get there

There is parking on-site, but not loads and loads of it. Certainly not as much as somewhere like Wendover Woods. Up to 3 hours: £3.70 peak/£2.70 off peak. Over 3 hours: £4.50 peak/£3.50 off peak. You can pay by RingGo but that will cost an additional 35p.

Address – Langley Park Country Park, Billet Lane, Iver, Buckinghamshire. SL0 0LS


There are a couple of toilets next to the cafe. For some where of this size it might have been handy for there to be more somewhere.


There’s a cafe on site. It was cash only on the day we visited (and who has cash on them these days??) so we didn’t try it out. There’s lots of picnic benches dotted around or places to have a picnic. No BBQs are allowed though.

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Langley Park Country Park, Iver, Buckinghsamshire | Cheap family days out | Free Time with the Kids

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