Whipsnade Tree Cathedral Review

We originally decided to visit Whipsnade Tree Cathedral because the concept intrigued me – a medieval cathedral made from trees. The first time I wrote this review of Whipsnade Tree Cathedral it wasn’t very complimentary. The experience that you have here seems to depend very much on how muddy it is. It was built as a monument to those fallen in WW1. The trees and shrubs are used to represent the walls of the cathedral and the different areas are marked out.

When we visited it was very very boggy and, being winter, there were no leaves on the trees. It was fairly hard to really see the “tree cathedral” element. Overall we were massively underwhelmed. When we return in early summer it was a totally different experience. We also stayed a lot longer because it wasn’t muddy and we had the chance to explore properly.

There are various different sections to Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. Other than the nave it is quite hard to know which part of the cathedral you’re supposed to be in. In general I’d say it’s just a nice arboretum to walk around. You’re away from all traffic and it’s incredibly peaceful here (until my kids arrive of course).

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, Bedfordshire  Review | Free Time with the Kids

In addition to the tree lined avenues there are various open spaces to explore. I think this would be a great place to play hide and seek. For some reason there are lots of big circular dips. The kids loved running around these, it was a bit like a human hamster wheel!


When we visited to do this updated review of Whipsnade Tree Cathedral we actually walked down from Dunstable Downs. Read the details of the walk by clicking here but it’s easy enough to do with little ones.

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, Bedfordshire  Review | Free Time with the Kids

Admission Cost

Entry – Free

Parking / how to get there

Parking – On-site, limited but free. You can also walk from Dunstable Downs

Address – Whipsnade, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LQ


None but there are some at nearby Dunstable Downs


None but there is a cafe at Dunstable Downs. Would be good for a picnic in the summer though.

Our Whipsnade Tree Cathedral Review

OK, I was unfairly harsh the first time I did a review of Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. When the ground isn’t a bog it’s a really nice place to walk and let the kids run around. Or pretend to be hamsters if that’s their thing!

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral, Bedfordshire  Review | Free Time with the Kids

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