Watermead Lake Walk

It may not be the most glamorous place I’ll review but I have a soft spot for the walks around Watermead lake in Aylesbury, Bucks. If you want a short walk and to feed the ducks this is a great choice. They also have an outdoors gym, a fitness trail for the kids, and large playing field.

There are two routes that you can take and there is a surprising range of birds that you can spot. As well as the usual suspects; barnacle and Canada geese, mallards, coots and moorhens there’s a ton of little gulls and swans. One our most recent walk we also got to see a heron and cormorant. There’s actually a huge list of birds that can be seen when you walk around the Watermead Lake (and know what you’re looking for!) It looks like are two lakes at Watermead, a large one near the pub and a smaller one the other side of the road but actually they’re joined under the road bridge.

Watermead Lake walk, Aylesbury, Bucks | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Where can you feed the ducks in Aylesbury

Best spot for feeding the ducks in Aylesbury

Watermead Lakes is the best spot for feeding the ducks in Aylesbury. The canalside is the only other real option. If you just want to feed the ducks then you’re best off going to the steps near the pub. That’s where they often gather and it’s mud free. Not poop free of course – the steps are COVERED so no flip flops. On our last visit there actually weren’t any birds over here at all so we crossed Watermead (the road, not the estate) and fed them on the smaller part of the lake.

If you are planning on feeding the ducks PLEASE don’t feed them bread. It’s really bad for them and there are lots of other, better alternatives. You can just give them birdseed (which is what we do) but here are some other ideas.

Family walk around Watermead Lake

We always start off at the pub, cross the road and follow the lakeside path around the smallest side of the lake. Fairly soon after you cross the road there’s a good spot for feeding the ducks. Continue along the path and you’ll come to a wooden walkway. Follow this and continue around the lake once you get back to dry land. For most of this section of path along Watermead Lake there’s not many good places to feed the ducks. You’ll walk past the nursery and then the outdoor gym and kids trail. There’s some seating here if you want to stop for a bit.

Continue along the path and you’ll come to a small wooden bridge. Technically this has the band stand on it, but the whole island has basically been taken over by waterfowl. It’s another very good spot to feed the ducks without being too close to the water’s edge.

Watermead Lake walk, Aylesbury, Bucks | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Where can you feed the ducks in Aylesbury

Return back to the main path and follow it back to the road. You can then either walk to your right to return to the pub, or cross the road and walk along the path through Balloon Field for a longer walk. To add a bit of interest to your walk back to the car park cross the road, walk towards the green but turn right. This takes you to some stepping stones and a little path that goes back to the pub. Be aware though, these stepping stones do regularly flood in wet weather.

If you are taking this longer walk please be aware that near the crematorium it is a public footpath through private land. Apparently they can be quite strict on enforcing the boundary. It is another good spot to feed the birds though as quite a few come and sit on the jetty or the banks of the lake. From here the footpath is actually well away from the lake in most places, it’s not woodland either really just scrubby land.

You’ll come to a point where there’s a tarmac path back into the estate or another track to your right. Don’t bother taking the track, it’s a dead end. As soon as you come onto the road turn right and then go up the footpath at the path of Kestrel Way which leads to Kingfisher. When you get to the end of Kingfisher you’ll get to Ayleswater, turn right and eventually you’ll come back to the pub car park.

Admission Cost


Parking / How to get there

Parking – free, on-site.

Address – Lakeside, Aylesbury HP19 0FX


None on site. There is a pub it’s toilets are for patrons only.


You’re unlikely to need it but there are benches near the outdoors gym and the balloon field. There is also the pub.

Watermead Lake walk, Aylesbury, Bucks | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Where can you feed the ducks in Aylesbury
Watermead Lake walk, Aylesbury, Bucks | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Where can you feed the ducks in Aylesbury

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