Watermead Lakes

Lakeside, Aylesbury HP19 0FX

It may not be the most glamorous place I’ll review but I have a soft spot for Watermead lakes. If you want a short walk and to feed the ducks this is a great choice. They also have an outdoors gym and large playing field.

There are two walks; the small lake and the big one. If you just want to feed the ducks then you’re best off going to the steps near the pub as that’s where they gather. If you’re walking around the big lake you end up going through the estate so you might need to check the route on Google maps.

The biggest problem I have with this place is the dog poo. Particularly around the small lake it is a real problem, despite lots of poo bins which is a real shame.

Entry – free

Parking – free, on-site. Use HP19 0FX

Toilets – None on site. There is a pub it toilets are for patrons only.

Food – you’re unlikely to need it but there are benches near the outdoors gym and the balloon field. There is also the pub.

Rating 3 / 5

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