Free Time with the Kids Christmas Guide

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I don’t put the decorations up too early, but they do always go up the first weekend of December. It’s a particularly busy time for the Free Time with the Kids blog because I’ll be doing loads of Christmas activities with the kids. This year we have a real mix of Christmas beliefs from the kids. Smallest Child gets very excited about Santa but doesn’t really know what it’s all about. Middle Child still very much believes. Biggest Child knows the truth but still loves all things Christmas. This page pulls together all of my different what’s on guides, reviews of individual events and some of my festive musings. There’s a what’s on guide for each of the four counties; Bucks, Beds, Oxon and Herts.

There’s one other Christmas tradition I’d like to tell you about. Every year we get our letters from Santa from the NSPCC. There’s a suggested £5 donation which goes directly to the NSPCC. We’ve had letters from them for the past few years and they’re really beautiful. I highly recommend them! Order your letters here.

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Christmas what’s on guides

Family friendly Christmas events – Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire

Christmas at Waddesdon Manor | Free Time with the Kids
Christmas at Hughenden Manor | Free Time with the Kids
World' End Nursery Winter Wonderland | Free Time with the Kids

Free Time with the Kids Christmas Blogs

Disclaimer – Before anyone starts getting cross with me for ruining Christmas please read the blog about Santa, not just the title. I’m not telling the kids before they ask me, I’m in no rush for the kids to grown up, it’s just a really nice way to answer the dreaded question “Mummy, is Santa real?”

Free Time with the Kids | How to answer "is Santa real?"
Free Time with the Kids | Christmas experiences gift guide

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