Toilet Roll Snowman Craft

I do love a good Christmas craft to do with the kids! This toilet roll snowman is a nice easy Christmas craft idea and uses resources that you probably already have. They take 10 minutes to make plus drying time. If you’re using hot glue then there’s no drying time involved.

Toilet roll snowman craft | Free Time with the Kids | Easy children's craft ideas

What you’ll need

  • Toilet roll tubes
  • White tissue paper
  • Glue (PVA or hot glue)
  • Black card
  • Googly eyes
  • Black and orange marker pens
  • Crepe paper and/or felt
  • Sellotape

All of the craft materials used to make this Christmas activity have been purchased from Baker Ross. You can currently save 15% on Christmas crafts using the code XMAS15 and this link (Affiliate link)

How to make toilet roll snowmen

Cover the toilet rolls in two layers of white tissue paper. Make sure the paper is about 2 cm longer than the tube so you can fold 1 cm over either end. Cut a length of crepe paper or felt so that it wraps around the neck of the snowman and leaves a few cm at either end. We tried using both crepe paper and felt as the scarf. Personally I preferred the crepe paper as once the PVA glue had dried. It set really nicely like a scarf blowing in the wind. Add the googly eyes and allow to dry.

To make the hat, cut a circle of black card the same size as the tube. Cut another circle a couple of cm bigger. Along the short edge of black card mark a strip 4cm wide. Drawn a line one cm from both the top and bottom of the strip. Cut the card from the edge up to the 1cm line every approx every 5 mm. Repeat on the other side so your strip looks like the photo below.

Toilet roll snowman craft | Free Time with the Kids | Easy children's craft ideas

If you’re using hot glue to make the hat it is a LOT easier as it sets immediately. It is possible to use PVA but you have the weigh it down and allow it to dry overnight. Cut the length to size (with a 1 cm overlap) and secure on the inside with a small piece of tape. Fold over the edges that you have cut and secure on roll into a cylinder the same size as your smallest piece of card. Glue the circles to the top and bottom. Put something on top to weigh it down and allow to dry.

Christmas crafts  | Free Time with the Kids | Easy children's craft ideas

Final construction

To finish off your toilet roll snowman simply glue the finished hat on the top of the decorated toilet roll tube. Again, if you’re using PVA you might want to weigh this down until it is dry. Draw on a carrot nose and coal buttons and mouth. The thing I really like about make these is that every one is different. The kids really enjoy making these. I do recommend using hot glue, if you can, so that you can start and finish on the same day.

If you’re looking for other craft ideas have a look at the craft section of the website.

Toilet roll snowman craft | Free Time with the Kids | Easy children's craft ideas | Christmas craft ideas

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