Lillingstone PYO strawberries Review

Lillingstone PYO near Buckingham do various pick your own events each year, including strawberries. There is nothing quite so yummy as strawberries straight from the farm, and we’re doing 30 days wild again this year, so it seemed like the perfect time to go down and check them out. The other options they have available each year are sunflowers, pumpkins and Christmas trees (including a Santa’s grotto).

One thing we quite liked about the PYO strawberries at Lillingstone is that it’s not just the strawberries. There’s other things on site too, which makes a bit more of an event / experience of the whole thing. Most of them are free as well, so it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. The strawberries themselves aren’t too expensive either. This year they’re £6 per kilo and compostable packaging is provided free of charge. Of the prices I’ve seen published so far, that seems about average.

The strawberry patch

It’s a decent sized patch, so you’re not all getting in each others way. We were actually there on the very first day that they had opened. There was plenty of fruit still to ripen, but equally everything still looked neat and tidy. I cannot tell you how long it will stay that way! Unlike somewhere such as Rectory Farm in Oxfordshire, their strawberries are actually in the ground and there’s not a polytunnel in sight. Something to bear in mind if the weather isn’t (or hasn’t been) particularly summery!

Lillingstone PYO pick your own strawberries review | Buckingham, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids

We filled two of the small punnets and paid £7.20 in total. I’m very proud of the fact I managed to limit Smallest Child to scoffing (sneaking) just three strawberries on the patch itself. But they were absolutely awesome strawberries though. Little tip, because they’re not treated like shop brought ones, they do tend to have a shorter shelf life, so eat them quickly. We just made a massive bowl of Eton mess to share! I promise you, this plate is mostly strawberry underneath!

Lillingstone PYO pick your own strawberries review | Buckingham, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids

What else is there to do at Lillingstone PYO strawberries?

As well as the PYO strawberries, Lillingstone has several animals for you to see/feed including sheep, goats, chickens and pigs. There’s also tractor rides, a haybale fort, mud kitchen and small sand pits. Most of this is free although there is a small charge for the tractor rides (£2 per person) and bags of feed are £2 each. We got a bag. I’ll be honest, the animals didn’t really seem that interested except for a couple of the sheep. It was fairly early in the day so maybe they’d already had breakfast? Or maybe they had already been fed by other people? Anyway, if they’re not hungry they won’t eat, and they weren’t really hungry. Which is fine (and probably a skill I should practice more!!).

Lillingstone PYO pick your own strawberries review | Buckingham, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids

If you are lucky, and time it right, you might also get the chance to ride a pony with the Little Shetland Company. It’s £10 for a trip around the field. You’re supposed to pre-book (they release the link via their Facebook page) but they happened to have a space when we arrived so Smallest Child had a go. And so now she wants her own Shetland pony! The ponies are in the front field as you arrive, but I told the kids that you had to pre-book them and that I hadn’t been able to, which they’d been OK with. It was literally just that they had prices displayed and a vacant pony that I thought I would check. You can just go with the pre-booking only excuse if you want. Or only go later in the day as they tend to just be there in the mornings.

Free Time with the Kids | Things to do with children in Buckinghamshire

We were only on the strawberry patch for about 20 minutes (possibly record time!). With all of these other activities available as well we bulked that out to 90 minutes.

Our Lillingstone PYO Strawberries Review

I have always liked PYO strawberries and Lillingstone do it in a way that’s accessible for families and not too expensive. Most of the extras are free, and those that aren’t are easily avoidable. The staff are all super friendly too. It would be nice if they did other fruit and/or veg, but you can’t have everything.

Admission cost

Free admission, pay for what you pick. £6 per kilo. Double check their Facebook page before visiting to make sure they’re open as it’s always subject to availability.

£2 per person tractor rides. £2 for a bag of food

Pony rides are £10 per person

All prices quoted are correct at the time this Lillingstone PYO strawberries review was published / updated

Parking / How to get there

Parking – On-site, free

Address – Stockholt Farm, Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckingham, MK18 5AF


Port-a-loo on site. We didn’t try them out


There’s a coffee truck on site. It’s a decent one run by the cafe at Aston Clinton playground.

What else is there to do nearby?

Stowe gardens is just down the road and there’s a decent playground at Bourton Park. Buckingham is one of the places that has it’s own Treasure Map trail so you could combine the two to make a really cheap day out. Save 10% on all trail maps using the code FREETIMEWITHTHEKIDS and the link below

Lillingstone PYO pick your own strawberries review | Buckingham, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids

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