Tumble Tots Aylesbury Review

Smallest Child and I were invited down to do a review of Tumble Tots Aylesbury because the lovely Julia, who runs the sessions, is actually a follower of this blog! Having two older brothers, Smallest Child is particularly adventurous and loves clambering in, under and over everything so I knew she’d enjoy it. Although we were gifted a session all views are my own and Julia did not see the review of Tumble Tots Aylesbury prior to publication.

Although we visited Aylesbury, there are sessions all over the place. Julia and her team also run sessions in Arncott, Berkhamsted, Steeple Claydon and Thame. Just visit their website for times and to book. There are classes for various different ages and the sessions are designed to match the abilities of the child. You can also book them for parties. The sessions are:

6 Months – Walking
Walking – 2 Years
2 – 3 Years
3 Years – School Age
Gymbobs (School Age – 7 Years)

Tumble Tots Aylesbury review | Free Time with the Kids

The 2-3 years Tumble Tots session

Smallest Child is 2 1/2 so we booked her into the 2-3 years session. There were 16 children in total in the session we attended, but they were split into smaller groups of 5/6. You start off with a quick warm up / sing along and then go into your group. So that the kids aren’t all stuck waiting to start the circuits are set up so you can begin at any point and just keep going around.

Each circuit is very different and develops a variety of skills, most of which I don’t really understand. The most important thing is that the kids love it!

Tumble Tots Aylesbury review | Free Time with the Kids

Each group is given their own station / circuit to do for about 10 minutes. When the whistle blows you finish the bit that you’re on, line up and follow the “train” to the next activity. By the end everyone has done all four stations and there’s another quick song and warm down.

Certain bits of equipment took Smallest Child a little bit of time to get used to, but she had all of them down by the second go. The funniest one had to be a ladder that was on its side. She had to squeeze through one gap between rungs, turn around and then squeeze through the next. Basically she was going in and out like she was a Crufts!! Add in my encouraging her as she goes (Come on, you can do it, well done) it really did seem a bit like I was at a doggy training class. At one point I was even tempted to pat my legs in encouragement, like you would a dog. Oops.

A bottleneck at the tunnel

Tumble Tots Aylesbury review | Free Time with the Kids

The circuit system worked really well, although there was a bit of a bottle neck on one section. The kids had to climb up a ladder and crawl through the blue tunnel above. It took most of the kids a little bit of time and encouragement to get them to go through, but they all did. I really liked that. Feeling nervous, but doing it anyway, is just one of the things they’ll learn at Tumble Tots Aylesbury.

Before the session started I got to have a quick chat with Julia and her team. They were all really friendly and clearly love their jobs! During the sessions there was one person supervising, guiding and helping on each station. They were all so enthusiastic and you could tell that the kids who attend regularly got on well with them.

Admission Cost

The costs vary depending on the location. You book a term at a time, but there are trial session available before you sign-up. These are typically £6.50 / £7 for the trial. There can be a waiting list for some classes but all the details are on their website.

Tumble Tots classes are in Thame on Mondays, Arncott on Tuesdays, Steeple Claydon on Wednesdays, Berkhamstead on Thursdays and Aylesbury on Fridays.

Our Tumble Tots Aylesbury Review

Smallest Child really loved it once she’d started. She did take a couple of minutes to get into it, but I did start her off on the hardest bit (purely by accident). Once she’d got the hand of that she was good to go. The team were all really good with the kids and it’s a great way to keep small people active.

Tumble Tots Aylesbury review | Free Time with the Kids

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