Playgym @ Lynx Gym

Most of the time I go out with the kids because we enjoy going and doing stuff. Sometimes however I go out with the kids because they’re driving me crazy at home and I need to distract them! Today was absolutely one of those days. Smallest child is incredibly grumpy and sitting at home watching her tantrums didn’t really appeal, so we went to playgym.

I used to come here all the time with the eldest kids but they got too old. I hadn’t brought smallest child because, until now, she hadn’t really been mobile enough to enjoy it. Now it’s perfect for her. FYI, all ages can go. Middle child first went when he was just a couple of weeks old and there were quite a few babies in slings today. Once they’re crawling that’s when they’re most likely to start getting something out of it, but that’s reflected by the prices.

Since we last went there have been a lot of changes; it’s had a total refit. Instead of cubby holes, they now have lockers for your stuff (which don’t actually lock so there’s still no secure storage) and there’s a cafe upstairs. The cafe is open from 11:00 each day, but we didn’t buy anything. The old massive inflatable slide has gone, which is a bit of a shame. I remember scrambling up that thing at 35 weeks pregnant and sliding down it with eldest child. It’s been replaced with a bouncy castle/slide combo. Sadly the entrance is fairly small and it was too hard for smallest child to scramble up so she didn’t get to go down an inflatable slide today.

The inflatable slide at Lynx gym
The bouncy castle / slide combo

Most of the other equipment is still the same and there’s a good range; a mini climbing frame, hoops, cones, see-saw, trampoline, long trampoline, foam pits, numerous balance beams and more. There’s various bits of gymnastics equipment around as well, but it is a gymnasium after all!!!

The fast run aka long trampoline

My favourite bit of kit in the gym has to be the long trampoline. It’s such good fun to run up and down with the kids and there’s always at least one child on it at any time.

There is one new addition, a narrow foam pit with a bar across it. It’s akin to a mechanics pit. The only issue is that it’s right next to the fast lane trampoline (you can see it in the photo above) and there’s nothing around it to stop curious small people trying to jump in. There is another foam pit the other side of the gym that is full of foam cubs and is great fun. This one just has a long drop to the bottom. There are steps to get out, but it’s not getting out that I’m concerned with. I’m not convinced this is particularly safe if I’m honest.

The foam pit at Lynx Gym
The slightly dodgy foam pit
The safer foam pit at Lynx gym
This foam pit is much better

Overall, we really like playgym. It’s a great way to get the kids burning off some energy, it’s great for developing lots of physical skills and things like risk taking etc. It’s not a great place to meet up with friends if you’re trying to have a conversation though – you’ll spend all your time running around after the kids!

70 Rabans Close, Aylesbury. HP19 8RS

Rating – 3 / 5 (it loses one point because of the foam pit)

Entry – £1.50 for babies, £2.50 for crawlers, £5 for walkers. Adults are free.

Parking – Free, on-site. Can get busy.

Toilets – On-site

Food – drink and biscuits are available until shortly before the session closes. Cafe open from 11:00.


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