Roundhead Drive, Thame playground

The Review

I’ve driven past this place loads of times and spotted it through the hedges, but I’ve never actually been before. If you’ve seen my posts about the Helicopter Park and Pirate park then you’ll know that Wendover is one of the best towns near Aylesbury for playgrounds. BUT THIS PARK IS AWESOME. It’s really good for kids of all ages. Alongside the Little Milton playground just down the road, Thame may well be giving Wendover a run for its money in the awesome playground stakes!!!!!

As you can see from this quick whizz around the park there is loads of equipment:

A whistle-stop tour of the playground

For younger children there is a lovely, enclosed play area that centres around a sand-pit. It also has a fairly easy-access slide, level-access roundabout, toddler swings, a couple of play areas and a little pulley and bucket for lifting the sand up onto a platform. There are a few benches for adults too. I particularly like the slide. The steps and hand-rail are easy to clamber up (albeit a bit sandy) and then there’s a good solid platform they can wait their turn on. It’s actually one of the best thought-out slides I know (I honestly didn’t think I’d care about stuff like this until I had kids!!) I have a massive phobia of public, open sand pits like this because I’m fairly convinced they’re just full of cat poo. Either we were lucky, or actually that’s not an actual problem, because it was fine.

The toddler playground at Roundhead Drive, Thame
The toddler playground area
The toddler playground at Roundhead Drive, Thame
The slide in the toddler area

The section for older kids is really good. It’s quite spread-out and there’s lots of equipment. You have a spiderweb with climbing walls, a zip line, see-saw, various permutations of swings including a really cool circle of swings! There’s a play frame with rope bridges, a slide and different levels. There’s also some outdoors gym equipment but it seems bit half-hearted in comparison to others I’ve seen. There’s also tons of open space for the kids to enjoy.

The children's playground at Roundhead Drive, Thame - playframe
The play frame for older kids
The children's playground at Roundhead Drive, Thame - swings
The circular swings

When I visited everywhere was clean and tidy. It’s a very open space but I didn’t see any dog mess or any signs of extra-curricula activities. If you’re local and know any better then please comment and let us know about it.

The only problem I have with this place is the spacing. The zip wire and spider’s web is quite far from the rest of the equipment (you can see the rest of the park in the background of the photo below. The fenced off area in the middle is the toddler park). There is also a quite tall hill between the toddler area and the playground designed for older kids. Depending on the age of your own children this might be a problem. The only direct line of sight between the two is if you stand on the bank, either inside or outside of the smaller playground. If your little ones are still small enough to need almost constant help and attention then that’s not really practical.

The children's playground at Roundhead Drive, Thame
The spiderweb and climbing wall

Admission cost


Parking / How to get there

The playground is on a patch of grass between Roundhead Drive, Thame and the A4129 Tythrop Way. You can use OX9 3DG for sat nav.

There is no dedicated car park so you have to use on-street parking. Please make sure that you park considerately though, the local residents get a lot of non-residents parking for various reasons.


There are no toilets on-site. There are public toilets in the town centre which is a couple of minute’s drive away


There isn’t anywhere for food but you could, of course, bring your own. Thame is home to the incredible Newitt’s butchers. If you have time I very highly recommend their Scotch Eggs. Quite simply they’re the best you’ll ever have!!!!!

Our Review

4/5 – I would actually quite happily give this a 5/5 if it was on level ground. Thankfully when I visited I didn’t have the boys with me so it wasn’t an issue but I would have had to ignore them and focus on smallest child, or let them play in the toddler bit, which is never ideal.

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