The Pirate Playground, Wendover Review

The pirate playground in Wendover, Buckinghamshire was recommended to me after I did a review of the nearby helicopter park. She said that this place was even better than the helicopter park! I’m not 100% sure if I agree with that, but it is a bloomin’ good playground!

The pirate park is quite hidden. Tedder Road is a one way loop and as you loop back round on yourself you might just get a glimpse of a mast over the top of the houses! The way to access the park is via a small footpath on the left hand side of the road between two houses. Google maps the postcode and you’ll be able to clearly see the park and the footpath.

The reason we could see a mast is because the playground is built around a massive pirate ship! The play frame for older children is raised up and has slides, walkways, a climbing wall, nets and even the chance to walk the plank (more on this later). It’s attached to a really long zip wire as well. Because it’s raised up you can also wander around underneath it and there are little port holes and cannons. It’s really very cool. The park has also got some swings and one of the cone shaped scramble net thingys. There’s not anything else for older kids but, tbh, there’s more than enough for them to play on.

Pirate Park | Wendover Playground Review | Free Time with the Kids
The pirate ship
Pirate Park | Wendover Playground Review | Free Time with the Kids
The front of the pirate ship
Pirate Park | Wendover Playground Review | Free Time with the Kids
There’s plenty of space to play underneath the decks as well

Don’t get me wrong for ages 4+ I think this is an amazing playground and I’m very jealous it’s not at the back of my house! However, it is raised up and there are a couple of big hazards for smaller children.

Pirate Park | Wendover Playground Review | Free Time with the Kids

1) Walk the plank.

Great bit of kit for big kids; you walk the plank to get to the zip wire. However there is quite a big gap before the first bit of rope so it effectively leaves a massive hole. One of the children we were with tripped as they were going on to the plank and fell over. Luckily they landed mostly onto the plank but they very nearly fell through this gap onto the floor below, which is a fair old drop at this end. I know any rope bridge has this risk, but it seemed more risky here (maybe because it was so close to a serious accident).

Pirate Park Review | Free Time with the Kids

2) The middle section. This is a little link bridge between the two sides of the deck. It’s great fun for the older kids to wobble across but there is a significant gap between the side of the walkway and the first step. A small child could very easily fall down between this. There are a couple of gap at the edges where there are things you can climb up to get onto the deck but I think children would be more aware of these than things they have to walk across so I wasn’t worried about those at all.

If you’re a fan of this park please do not think I’m branding it dangerous or that you should avoid it. I’m really not, I just want people to know this particular section is not suitable for smaller children. Luckily it’s actually quite hard for them to accidentally get onto this section themselves without you knowing. Smallest child was most indignant that she couldn’t get onto the ship whilst her brothers were on there, but that’s tough really!!!

The Toddler Frame

Thankfully there is also a section for smaller children that is much more appropriate. This has got its own mini pirate ship with slide. There are also baby swings, a see saw and a couple of rockers. Smallest child is REALLY into slides at the moment so she spent ages going up and down this.

Pirate Park | Wendover Playground Review | Free Time with the Kids
The toddler pirate ship
Pirate Park Review | Free Time with the Kids
The rockers, see saw and swings

The park is enclosed, there is some seating for grown-ups and there are bins. It also sits within a larger green space so you could play games on there if you wanted to. Most of it is on a synthetic surface so you wouldn’t get too muddy (and more importantly the equipment doesn’t get too muddy) if it’s wet.

It’s a really good park but there was one thing that I felt let it down. Bird Poop. Oh So Much Bird Poop. The baby swings were covered and it looks like quite a few birds use the mast, and the rail near it, as a perch so around this section there is a lot of poop. Naturally middle child got it all over his hands! I’m not sure why it’s particularly bad at this playground, but it might be worth pointing out to the kids before you let them run wild.

Pirate Park Review | Free Time with the Kids
The other equipment at the park

admission Cost


parking / How to get there

Parking – Tedder Road itself is shortly to be permit parking only. You can either walk from the helicopter park or there may be other on-street parking nearby. I’ll update this review of the Pirate Park in Halton when I next visit.

Address – Behind Tedder Road, Halton Camp, Bucks. HP22 5QQ. Click here to see where it is



our Pirate Park/ Playground Wendover REview

4 / 5. It’s a fun park but the amount of bird poo was annoying. I actually kinda prefer the helicopter park somehow. I’d love to hear what you think if you’ve tried both.

Pirate Park Review | Wendover | Bucks | Free Time with the Kids

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