Haddenham Playground

the review

This playground is hidden behind the Infant School as part of Haddenham Youth FC’s ground. Alongside the cricket pitch there is a BMX track, large playground for a range of ages, basketball hoop and cricket nets.

Let’s start with the BMX track. It’s a reasonable size and seems to be quite well maintained. I still haven’t sorted out a bike rack for the kids, yet so we only had their scooters with us. I’m not sure if you’re technically supposed to use scooters on the track but the boys had an awesome time and it was quiet.

There is a cricket pitch and football club on the same site. Because of the cricket pitch they also have a couple of cricket nets that don’t seem to need pre-booking. I asked a couple of people and they said anyone can use them. If you know for sure then please let me know. There is also a basketball net that you can use for free. There are also tennis courts but I think those did need to be booked.

The playground itself is really good. It has plenty of equipment  for a range of ages. There are a couple of frames suitable for younger kids with slides etc. There’s nest swings, normal swings and baby swings. There is also a cool see-saw that actually seats four people.

There is some awesome wooden play equipment including a net frame, activity trail and zip wire. There is also this really cool zooomy rail thing. What the hell is this called?????? The boys absolutely LOVED this. I of course had to try it out (in the name of research of course) with very little success. Either I’m too heavy (likely) or I’m too thick to make it work.

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There’s a little car park you can use. Address – Woodways, Haddenham, Aylesbury HP17 8DS



our review

4 / 5. It’s got a good range of equipment fo all ages and the BMX track is an added bonus

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