Wendover Fairy Garden Walk

I like to keep my eyes open for cool little things to do whenever I can. This week up popped a new group for Wendover Fairy Garden so I got in touch with the family who set it up and went down to have a look.

Honestly, the people of Wendover and Halton in Bucks are so lucky! Not only do they have a lovely view but they’ve got amazing parks such as the Pirate Park and the Helicopter Park. Then there’s Wendover Woods (including the ability to walk up there without having to pay for parking!). Local residents now also have the addition of a fairy garden to enjoy.

How to find the Wendover Fairy Garden

The starting point is the Helicopter park which is between Hadington Close and Cruickshank Drive. The best place to park is in the small car park off Cruickshank Drive. There is a footpath between the playground and the sports court that goes into the woodland area. Follow this path into the woods. It’s a bit overgrown but trust me, the path is there.

Family walks in Wendover | Free Time with the Kids

Shortly after you enter there’s a fork in the path. Follow the tarmac path as it goes round to the right. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to tell the difference between the tarmac path and the mud one, but go around this bend to the right.

Family walks in Wendover | Free Time with the Kids

Then immediately on your right you’ll see a white post for the fairy garden.

Wendover Fairy Garden | Free Time with the Kids

Admittedly the garden is really small currently but it’s so cute. It even has its own Facebook Group now! There are lots of painted stones, things in the trees, little fairies and butterflies. The lady that set it up is adding new things all the time and now that word has got out about the Wendover Fairy Garden people are starting to add their own stuff. You’ll literally be there for a matter of minutes but it’s a really nice idea.

Wendover Fairy Garden | Free Time with the Kids
Wendover Fairy Garden | Free Time with the Kids

The Wendover Fairy Garden has been set up in the scrubby bit of woodland that has got lots of paths in it. We started off exploring some of those first. There is also access to Wendover Woods if you follow the public footpath, which is what we did.

Walk to Wendover Woods

Once you’ve finished looking at the fairy garden follow the same path you walked along down the hill. You’ll come to a cross roads, turn left and follow the dirt track. It might not look like it, but this is a public footpath. At this stage it’s not pushchair friendly because there’s lots of roots sticking up everywhere. Keep walking along the path and eventually you’ll come to a little plank that goes across the brook.

Continue to follow the path and you’ll come out into an open space. This is a nice little meadow area that runs behind Tedder Road if you want to walk around that. If you follow the footpath though the next little wooded bit you’ll come across another green. Keep going and you’ll come out onto a footpath that leads up to Wendover Woods.

On this trip we didn’t go all this way and up into the woods, but there are various paths you can take from here.

Admission Cost


Parking / How to get there

The best place to park is the car park just off Cruickshank Drive, Wendover. HP22 5FD. When you come to the end of Whittingham Avenue turn right and then immediately left into the car park.


No toilets nearby, unless you make it all the way up to Wendover Woods.

Wendover Fairy Garden | Free Time with the Kids

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