Packwood House Review

Packwood House , Warwickshire is right next to another NT property, Baddesley Clinton. If you’re travelling from Aylesbury it makes sense to visit both on the same day, as they’re both relatively small places. You don’t have to though, particularly if it’s a nice day, as you could spend several hours at each one individually. It all depends on how long you want to be out for. I had been a while since I’d last done a review of Packwood House so we went back to visit again.

They regularly have children’s trails and activities during the holidays. Previously we’ve done trails through the woods and made bats out of spoons (which are still kicking around the house somewhere). On this visit to Packwood House we did the half term trail but, like the one at Baddesley Clinton, we were a bit disappointed. It was £2.50 per child and involved stopping at various points along the trail to answer questions. The prize at the end was a small sweet (a lolly or mini roll of Love Hearts etc), a sticker and a printed activity sheet. It was very disappointing and so we only brought one sheet instead of getting one each.

Packwood Manor House Review

The house itself was built in the 16th century but there’s been lots of restoration and changes since then. There are lots of rooms open, including the long gallery. I seem to remember they also had a sedan chair with a “person” in it that terrified the Middle Child! If you hear lots knocking in one of the rooms, it’s because there is a hidden door on the outside. Once Middle Child had been told this he, of course, had to go and find the door (hence the picture at the top)! When we visited this time we didn’t go into the house. It had already been quite a long day and we wanted to do the trail instead.

Packwood House Review | Free Time with the Kids

The Formal Gardens and Lake

The gardens are a real highlight. The Yew Garden was great – the trees are perfect for playing hide and seek. Of the three times we’ve visited, it’s been closed twice though. The garden is self contained so you don’t have to worry about the kids disappearing. Because it’s a large area so they won’t find each other every 10 seconds either. Follow the spiral path at the end for some awesome views though. There is also an orchard, traditional games and lots of little nooks to explore.

Packwood House Review | Warwickshire | Free Time with the Kids
The Yew Garden

Within the formal gardens there are lots of little out houses to explore, including the gardener’s hut. There’s also an interesting sun dial and lots of little gardens to look around.

There is a lake beyond the gardens which has recently had some work done to it. They’ve recently added a contemporary art installation called the Prospect Room. Maybe I’m just a heathen but….what’s the point of this?? It’s just a shed with weird walls and a bench. Having trudged all the way over there it was a bit of a let-down. Honestly, what’s it all about???

The Propsect Room | Packwood House Review | Free Time with the Kids

The Kitchen Garden

Make sure you visit the kitchen garden as well. It’s on the car park side of the road. My kids always enjoy looking around a kitchen garden, but there is also a pond, bug hotel and a life size teddy bear’s picnic with little house. This was a surprise and a real highlight. It’s a really good garden for the kids to explore. They use a lot of this home-grown produce in the cafe.

Packwood House Review | Free Time with the Kids

The Welly Walk and Estate

The Welly Walk is in the wider park. It’s a brilliant nature trail which has some interesting activities along the way such as music making and stump jumping. When I wrote the first review of Packwood House there was a lovely den building area but that seemed to have gone this time. I didn’t realise this was here on my first visit. I thought it was “just” parkland so we decided not to explore it. That was a real shame as we missed out.

The estate walks | Packwood House

One thing to note though is that it’s called the Welly Walk for a reason. For a lot of the time the field that you have to walk through is very muddy. Crazy muddy! Of course, you can avoid large portions of the mud by walking to the side of the track. For my children that wasn’t even a consideration! Straight through the worst of the mud they went. Thankfully they were all in wellies and smallest child was in a full puddle suit. So much mud!! Oh, and it’s not just mud. They have a herd of sheep that graze in this field and leave lots of presents for you. Isn’t that nice! There were places in the field that I genuinely struggled to get through with my crappy pushchair.

Packwood House Review | Free Time with the Kids

Admission Cost

Entry – £33.40 for a family ticket, cheaper in winter. FREE for NT members.

Parking / How to get there

Parking – on-site, free. The car park is on the other side of the road to the house but it is a fairly quiet road. The wider parkland is also on the same side of the road as the car park but I usually go to the house and gardens first.

Address – Packwood Lane, Lapworth, Warwickshire, B94 6AT


On-site, in the visitor centre


Picnics welcome, cafe on-site

Our Packwood House Review

Rating – 4 / 5. The gardens are the real highlight here.

For the latest events visit the Packwood House website (affiliate link)

Packwood House Review | Warwickshire | Free Time with the Kids

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