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Tumblestone Hollow is the incredible adventure playground at Stonor Park in Oxfordshire, and you can read the review of that here. It used to be called Wonder Woods but it had a serious upgrade and now it’s amazing. Most of the family friendly activities that they have at Stonor Park tend to involve Tumblestone Hollow as well as a ticket gives you admission to both the playground and the gardens.

We were very kindly gifted admission to Tumblestone Hollow to do this review, however they had no input into its contents and they did not see it prior to publication.

The main playground

Normally I’d probably call this a play frame but at Tumblestone Hollow it’s so big you can’t really just call it a play frame! It’s massive. There’s a cute story behind the design, and you can buy the books in the shop if you want to. It actually reminded me a lot of BeWILDerwood in Norfolk, but on a much smaller scale.

There’s elements of a fitness trail, climbing walls, tunnels, bridges, walkways, scramble nets, slides, and a couple of different levels to explore. It looks amazing and the kids absolutely love exploring around it all. It’s so big you can’t really get it all in one photo because the trees get in the way but here are some of the highlights;

Tumblestone Hollow review, Oxfordshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Family days out in Oxon
Tumblestone Hollow review, Oxfordshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Family days out in Oxon

In comparison to some adventure playgrounds, the visibility at Tumblestone Hollow is really good. It’s quite easy to keep track of the kids when they’re on the main frame. It’s not the easiest for adults to get around though. There are huge bits that are super easy to get around, but then you’ll get to a tunnel or a net bridge and it gets trickier. Admittedly I’d done my back in the day that I visited Tumblestone Hollow to do our review, so I might have found it easier normally. I only saw a couple of adults on there.

Tumblestone Hollow review, Oxfordshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Family days out in Oxon

Smallest Child is 5 and she wasn’t particularly confident at first on certain bits of the equipment. There’s this rope tunnel you have to climb down and she had no idea how she could do it. There was also no way I was going to be able to climb down it and limbo through a tiny hole. Somehow we managed to get her down the tube though. And once she’d done it once, she loved it.

Logs and ropes

There’s a bit at one end of the main structure that’s got a massive scramble net and one of those log pile climby things. They probably have a proper name, but I’m sure you know what I mean. There’s also a low-rope course that leads up to this cute little treehouse and slide.

Free Time with the Kids family days out reviews

I think this tree-house is supposed to be one of the main areas for younger kids. The price structure is done by height and TBH there isn’t a huge amount for the very little ones to do except for the sand area.

There is also the zip-line over here. It’s crazy popular. Whenever there isn’t a queue all the kids notice and rush over. It’s actually quite funny. The zip-line’s a decent length and reasonably fast but without giving them whiplash.

The sand and water play area

When we visited Tumblestone Hollow to do this review we’d spent so much time playing on the rest of the playground that they only play in the water for about 10 minutes. It’s not a particularly big area, but it serves its purpose. There’s also a sandpit and a little play hour with sand chutes and lifts etc. Do don’t necessarily need them, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to take some buckets / spades with you.

Other equipment on-site includes a couple of toddler swings, a nest swing, see-saw, a tunnel, spinning cups and some rockers.

Seasonal events at Tumblestone Hollow

When we did this review at Tumblestone Hollow it was the Moonwitch’s Halloween Adventure. This meant tickets were 50p more expensive than during the summer. For that extra money you get a really good trail with a prize at the end. The prize was a massive chocolate lolly (or fruit pastilles as a dairy free / vegan alternative) and a decent quality temporary tattoo.

Three times a day there was also story-telling sessions. All brought to you by the Moonwitch;

Tumblestone Hollow review, Oxfordshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Family days out in Oxon

Admission cost

Adults £9. Children; under 92cm, free. 92-105cm, £7-£9.50. 105cm + £9-£11.50. Price depends on season.

This includes admission to the gardens. If you’re going into the house & chapel as well it’s and extra £1.50 per adult, but the child price remains the same. All prices correct at the time this review of Tumblestone Hollow was published / updated. Please check their website for the latest prices.

Parking / How to get there

Parking – On-site

Address – Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. RG9 6HF


On-site, including baby change


Cafe on-site. Picnics allowed.

What else is there to do nearby?

Grey’s Court and the River & Rowing Museum are both nearby. We also drove past Cowleaze Wood and Aston Rowant Nature Reserve on the way home. .

Tumblestone Hollow review, Oxfordshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Family days out in Oxon

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