Witchell Meadow / Hampden Meadow & Pond Review

Just off South Street in Wendover, Buckinghamshire there’s a lovely public space to explore. I say public space, there are actually several interconnected spaces! There’s Witchell Meadow, Hampden Meadow, Hampden Pond and a community orchard. There used to be a skate park across the road, but it appears that this has now gone. On site you’ll find a stream, pond, playground, cricket nets and fitness trail, as well as lots of open space.

Witchell Meadow

Witchell Meadow Wendover Review | Free Time with the Kids | Buckinghamshire

Witchell Meadow is closest to the car park and actually contains Wendover’s cricket ground. If there happens to be a match or practice taking place when you visit you can use the path to the left as you look across Witchell Meadow to access the rest of the park. When we visited the cricket nets seemed to be available for anyone to use but don’t quote me on that. The meadow contains a little pond and stream that feeds into the disused arm of the Grand Union Canal.

Witchell Meadow Wendover Review | Free Time with the Kids | Buckinghamshire

On the stream there’s a bit that is quite narrow and, if you’re brave enough, you can jump across it. Biggest Child was straight across it, but Middle Child took a bit more time to decide he was ready. It’s beautifully clear water and quite shallow so the kids have a great time poking around with sticks.

This part of the meadow has got seating, a decent tree to climb. There’s also a path into central Wendover.

Hampden Meadow fitness trail and playground

Hampden Meadow Wendover Review | Free Time with the Kids | Buckinghamshire

There’s a gate at the side of Witchell Meadow that leads across Chapel Lane into Hampden Meadow. This is a large open space perfect for running around, picnics and games. There’s a fitness trail around the edges. Dotted throughout the edges of Hampden Meadow are lots of benches you can use to just sit and enjoy the peace.

There’s also a playground. It seems to be quite old and relatively basic in terms of equipment, but kids don’t normally care about that! There’s swings, a slide, roundabout and climbing ropes. It’s a gated playground with good visibility from the grass and benches. There’s a building (maybe a pavilion???) over in one corner but there was a group of lads hanging around so we didn’t go and investigate.

Hampden Pond

Hampden Pond, Wendover Review | Free Time with the Kids | Buckinghamshire

Immediately next to Hampden Meadow is Hampden Pond. This is a fairly large pond which, like the steam on Witchell Meadow, has crystal clear water. We saw ducks and moorhens but no fish. Apparently they have herons living here too. There’s a footpath around the edge of the pond which is quite narrow and close to the water in places. It does give beautiful views across the pond though. There’s a little jetty that looks perfect for a bit of pond dipping!

Community Orchard

On the other side of Heron Path from Hampden Meadow is the community orchard in Rope Walk Meadow. We totally missed this bit though! Apparently the trees were planted as a memorial to those who fell in WWI and has been maintained in their memory ever since.

Our Witchell Meadow / Hampden Meadow & Hampden Pond Review

The different meadows and pond in combination make up a really good size space to explore. Although the playground area is quite limited, there’s lots of interesting features to explore. Witchell Meadow in particular seems a great spot to set up camp for the day and just let the kids explore. It seems to be fairly popular but there’s plenty of space to go around. The meadows are quite popular with dog walkers but I only saw one rouge “leaving” which is fairly good going!

Admission Cost


Parking / How to get there

There is a small on-site car park near the cricket pavilion.

Address – Witchell, Wendover, Buckinghamshire. HP22 6EG


None on-site but there are public toilets in the town centre near the library (High St, Wendover, HP22 6DU).


A great spot for a picnic, either on a rug or using the various benches dotted around.

Places nearby

Wendover has got several amazing parks. There’s the helicopter park and pirate parks in Halton. There’s also Wendover Woods nearby.

Witchell Meadow, Hampden Meadow, Hampden Pond | Wendover Review | Free Time with the Kids | Buckinghamshire

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