Story Frog Aylesbury Review

Story Frog in Aylesbury is based in Your Cafe in the Park at Aston Clinton Park. If you haven’t heard of Story Frog it’s a story and phonics session for pre-school children. This review of Story Frog doesn’t go into detail about the park, but you can read the full review here. If you haven’t been to Aston Clinton Park then you absolutely should, it’s an awesome park! There’s a playground, fitness trail, small woodland, skateboard park, cafe and even a beach!

The review

Both of the bigger children are prolific readers and I’d love smallest child to be the same. I’d seen Story Frog (Aylesbury) advertised so I thought we’d give it a try. It’s designed for ages 2+ so smallest child was a little bit young. She was 18 months old when this review of Story Frog was written, but she loves stories and I’d checked with Laura first.

They have booked out the entire back cafe for each session so you have the room to yourselves but you can also get access to drinks and cakes (always a bonus).

The room has mats and sound cards for each adult & child. There are various craft activities set up and the Story Frog trunk is ready to go. Each weekly session is based around a particular book; this week it was Julia Donaldson’s Monkey Puzzle.

Story Frog Aylesbury - Aston Clinton - Buckinghamshire - Free Time with the Kids
The Monkey Puzzle themed session is ready to go

After a welcome song Laura reads the story to everyone with exactly the right amount of enthusiasm (ie more than I could probably come up with at the time in the morning but not so much you feel nauseous). Smallest child was the youngest mobile child there so she kept running up to point out the animals. Yes, mine is that annoying child who keeps getting in the way but Laura didn’t seem to mind. After the story everyone used the sound cards to match the letter sounds to some of the things we saw in the book. Smallest child had no idea what I was talking about, but she still loved proudly showing her card off when I gave it to her.

The sessions are all about early introduction to phonics so the focus is mainly on telling the story and a few sounds. It’s not an intense phonics session, which works much better for this age group.

After that it’s activities time. There was stuff to make a monkey, animals in the swap for the children to clean, butterflies and dabbers to decorate them, animal themed painting and a hungry monkey to feed. I loved this last one and might have to steal the idea!!! There was a box with a picture of a monkey with its mouth cut out. She had lots of salt dough bananas, children’s tweezers and bowls. The idea is to use the tweezers to pick up the bananas and feed them to the monkey. Smallest child was a little bit too small for the tweezers, but loved using her hands instead.

Afterwards there is time for a goodbye song and the children can play on the soft play (included in the price).

Admission Cost

The sessions cost £6.50 per child, which you book online. Siblings are £3.50 per child and there’s a discount if you book more than 6 sessions in advance. Considering the soft play itself is normally £2 plus you get the phonics and activities I think it’s really good value. The phonics session itself is 45 minutes long, but they could stay as long as they wanted in the soft play.

parking / How to get there

Based at Your Cafe in the Park, London Road, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5HL.

Plenty of free, on-site parking


Food and drinks available from the cafe but you cannot bring your own


Toilets and baby change on-site

Our Story Frog AYLESBURY Review – 4 / 5

As I’d suspected, smallest child was a little bit small to get the most out of this but I didn’t want it to be something else that I see and never remember again. Once she’s old enough we will definitely go back,

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