Weston Turville Reservoir

You’d be forgiven for having no idea that this place even exists. It’s hidden from the road and doesn’t have any signage to tell you about it. I had seen it on Google maps and when my BBO Wildlife Trust guidebook came through it was first on my list to visit.

The first thing to note is that this is not at all pushchair friendly. It’s a manmade reservoir and so the sides have been built up. If you’re accessing the site from World’s End Lane then there are several steps to walk up. If you’re coming in from the Halton Lane end then there is level access but the footpaths are pretty hard going for a pushchair. 

It’s also worth noting that dogs are allowed at the reservoir but they must be on a lead. They’re not allowed in the water and there is lots of wildlife to be protected. 

As you come onto the reservoir from the World’s End Lane entrance you come across a lovely little shallow stream that the kids can explore. You then go up the steps to the reservoir itself. This gives you the best view across the reservoir that you’ll get. We were lucky that there were quite a few ducks and birds around. We even got to see some baby Moorehens that were VERY cute! 

The lovely stream next to the Weston Turville reservoir
The lovely stream next to the reservoir

Once you go around the corner from here it becomes more of a woodland walk than a trip around a reservoir. The path is quite far from the bank most of the way around and it’s quite wild for most of the way. The footpaths are not very wide and they’re mainly dirt tracks. In places they actually remind me of some slightly dodgy alleyways in Aylesbury!

You cannot walk all the way around the water’s edge. There is a stage where you will have to go out onto Halton Lane. You have to walk along the side of the road for a short way. It is off road but there is no specific footpath. You’d need to keep a very close eye on the smallest children in this section and I definately think you would struggle to get a pushchair along here. It does join back up with a public footpath that is away from the road though so you can still do a circular walk.

This path leads you to what is currently the only bird hide. It’s very rustic, but it does the job for adults. Middle child struggled to see. He had to cling on to a little ledge to see properly and ended up slipping off. In this area there is also a little bridge over the stream that would be awesome for pond dipping. 

This is quite a long walk – it took us about 90 minutes.  My boys are used to long walks in the countryside but they started to winge about 3/4 of the way around. On the route we took I think it was just a bit too scrubland-y and didn’t necessarily have that much to attract their attention.  The footpaths are quite narrow and there were just a lot of weeds rather than wildflowers along most of them. Either that or I caught themon  bad day. 

If we did the walk again then I would probably take a different route. I’d go up the steps to take in the view across the reservoir but instead of continuing along the path I’d turn back on myself and walk round towards the bird hide and do a linear route. It’s a bit easier going and it seems to be the most interesting side to explore.

Admission Costs


Parking / How to get here

World End Lane, Weston Turville, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5PS

Parking is off of Halton Lane or off World’s End Lane (which is where I parked)


None on-site. There’s customer toilets at the nearby garden centre.

Our review

3/5. It’s quite rare for the boys to lose interest when out on a walk. They’re always playing games normally. I think it was a little bit too long and a little bit lacking in points of interest for them. I think the shorter route would be better next time. It appears to be a good dog walk though.

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