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Over the past few months Rogue Leisure has been busy refurbishing their centre and the newest addition is the Lil’ Rogues soft play area. From the front it doesn’t necessarily look that big but actually it goes quite a long way back and they’ve used the space really cleverly. In comparison to other local soft play areas aimed at this age group it is bigger, often significantly so, and it certainly has a lot more equipment than any of them. Obviously, it’s not as big as the big frames you have in Aylesbury, Thame, Berkhamstead but those are aimed at older children and they’re stand alone activities.

The team at Rouge Leisure were kind enough to invite smallest child and I down to review Lil’ Rogues, but they had no input into the content of my review and did not see it prior to publication. All views are my own.

The play frame

The first thing you notice is that there is a gate on the entrance and it’s pretty escape-proof. Given that the soft play is situated in the bowling alley, this is pretty important. You don’t want the Lil’ Rogues going rogue down the lanes. There are a couple of benches right next to the frame and it’s near the bar as well which is convenient for food / drinks.

It’s spread out over two levels and also has a small baby area at the front. The frame itself really does have a LOT packed into a small space, but it doesn’t feel cramped. An advantage to being so bijou is that it has really good visibility. There’s no losing a child in there!! The other thing I really liked is that it was nice and easy for an adult to get around as well. There are some play frames where it’s virtually impossible to scramble around with the kids, which means you cannot really take smaller children in there. The slide was a little bit snug on the ol’ bum, but I think that might say more about the size of my bottom than it does about the size of the slide!!!!!!

I quite liked that it’s not just a flat floor as well, there are lots of little humps to walk or clamber over and the little bridge. It’s only a small thing but it did add to the level of interest. There are also lots of things handing from the ceiling to be batted
around (aka soft snakes apparently). Plus there are a couple of games dotted around like a memory game, spot the difference and tic-tac-toe.

What ages is it best for?

The soft-play is exclusively for under 7’s and I think they’ve got the age range about right. Height-wise the top end of that range would probably have to scramble rather than walk around most of it, but there’s plenty to keep them happy. Smallest child (18 months when we went to ‘Lil Rogues soft play to do the review) struggled to get up the sections between floors and had to be helped, but after that she was fine wandering around. I think when she’s about 2 she’d be able to climb up easily by herself.

Her favourite things were definitely the tunnel which she could crawl through, run over a little bridge and then crawl through again. Which she did many, many times. She also loved the slide. The top of it is in the back corner and she couldn’t get up the slope or one of the steps alone so I had to help her over those bits. I lost track of the number of times that she went up and down that slide and we were only there for an hour.

Personally, I think this is really going to come into its own during school days. It’s a very good alternative to other soft plays and it’s cheaper as well. Also, if you have a mixed age of children, like I do, then the older ones can go bowling or go-karting and the smallest ones can be in here. Their new private karaoke pods are now open as well. Click here to read the full review.

Our ‘Lil Rogues soft play review

I think it’s a great addition, both to Rogue Leisure and Aylesbury as well. If, like me, you have a range of ages it’s really handy to have things for all ages to do on one site. That’s not the only time it’s a great option though. It’s a quieter soft play area than some of the others locally, and there’s no risk of older kids coming in and messing around. If you do have younger children then this is definitely one to visit.

Admission Cost

Under 1’s: FREE, Ages 1-2 £2, Ages 3-6: £2.50. Adults are free. Discounts available for child minders.

The prices are for a 90 minute session, which will be enforced when it’s busy. It’s an unsupervised area so parents/carers must supervise the children at all times.

Parking / How to get there

Parking – Reasonable amount on-site. It will get busy at weekends.

Address – Unit 6, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, HP19 8DB


On-site, including baby change


Hot and cold menu available. Drinks also available but you’re not allowed to bring your own food except for baby food.

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