The WhizzFizzFest in Aylesbury has been going for 18 years and it seems to get bigger and better each year. It was originally inspired by Roald Dahl (who lived in Bucks) but it’s evolved to become a massive literary festival aimed at children. Lots of local schools and groups take part in the parade, which is always wonderfully colourful and noisy. The parade starts at 10:30 this year from St Mary’s Church, through Market Square and up into Kingsbury. Here are a couple of pictures from the parade in previous years;

WhizzFizzFest 2020 update. This year’s event will be on the 27th June 2020. Activities take place throughout the day, but the parade starts at 11:00. Tickets are going on sale for the special WhizzFizzFest events on the 5th March 2020. The headliners for this year are author (and former Blue Peter Host) Konnie Huq and Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown. There’s also going to be an interactive performance of Roald Dahl’s Rotsome and Repulsant Words.

In addition to the parade there’s FREE arts and craft activities in Friars Square (suitable for a range of ages) plus a funfair in Kingsbury Square.

There are also various special events going on as well. A lot of the details for WhizzFizzFest 2020 are still to be announced, so I’ll be updating this as soon as I know more.

It’s a fantastic day for all the family!

For more details and to book visit their website. Whilst you’re in Aylesbury for the event make sure you visit Bucks County Museum and the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery too.

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