Bekonscot Model Village

Warwick Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2PL

Bekonscot Model Village is a truly British visitor attraction. Only we could have come up with somewhere like this! It’s actually six villages, not one, and it started in someone’s back garden. It opened in 1929 and represents a true time warp. It is jam-packed with houses, trains, churches, a windmill, a zoo, schools, train stations, a cricket pitch, harbours, a pier, an archaeological dig … the list goes on and on. The level of detail in each building is incredible and they have some awesome business name puns. They even have a bus with Blue Peter on the side. 

Because of how it was founded (in a back garden) and because it is so full of buildings and very popular it is cramped. The day we went shouldn’t have been particularly busy but it did feel crowded. They have a one way system in place but clearly some people don’t care about that! We had littlest child in her pushchair and I do regret that – we should have taken the carrier. It is very awkward with a pushchair and if you want to stop and look at something I felt very much in the way, particularly at some of the narrower points. There is very little the owners can do about this without taking some of the buildings away, and it would be a shame to do that. If people would just pay attention to the arrows it would make it better for everyone (rant ends). The village itself takes you maybe an hour to walk around, if you’re stopping to look at things in detail rather than just walking along. 

In addition to the village they have a water play area (additional charge) and a smallish playground area. This seemed well enough maintained and the kids really enjoyed themselves. There isn’t anything for the smallest children and littlest child nearly got herself into a right pickle trying to play on some of the equipment. 

There is also a cafe which, sadly, was a let-down. They had a very limited choice and they had sold out of a lot of stuff. It seemed a bit chaotic and there was a long wait for hot food. They do have an ice cream kiosk outside as well and the man who served us in there was lovely. One thing I did like is that they have picnic benches under cover that you can use for your own picnic as well as for things from the cafe. 

As you come in there is a miniature railway (additional charge). This is a very short ride on benches that goes around one corner section of the village. The children enjoyed it but I can think of some better miniature railways for less money. 

Realistically, even stopping for lunch and having a play, you’ll only be here for 3/4 hours. It is a lovely place to visit and, honestly, the craftsmanship is very astounding. I don’t think it’s somewhere you could go to on a regular basis and you couldn’t spend a whole day here.  

Entry – Adult – £11.00, Child (aged 2-15) – £6.60, Under 2’s – FREE. Family (2 adults & 2 children) – £31.90 / Family (1 adult & 2 children) – £22.00

Blue Peter badge holders can go free, but each must be accompanied by a full paying adult

Parking – None directly on site. You can park at one of the church car parks (limited spaces) and there’s another church car park down the road they also use. I think we caught them at a bad time because there were no signs out when we arrived but by the time we left there were. We also had a nightmare finding them in the first place; someone had moved the brown sign on the main road so we ended up driving around a bit.

Toilets – on-site

Food – Cafe on-site plus ice cream kiosk. Picnics welcome.

Rating – 3 / 5 – it’s a nice place but it does have certain limitations and the cafe did let it down. I’m glad we went but I’m also glad we used our cards so it was a bit cheaper. 

For more details please visit their website

One of the harbours at Bekonscot Model Village

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