The Horse Trust at Speen Review

The Horse Trust at Speen is also known as the Home of Rest for Horses. It is a working rescue stables with 130 horses. They have 20 / 30 horses and ponies in the visitor area that you can walk around and have a look at up close. They all have an information board about the life and work of each horse. There really are some fascinating stories!

It’s worth pointing out / reminding you that horses are quite big! And some of the horses they have at Speen are MASSIVE. For the smallest children this can be quite intimidating when suddenly a huge horse’s head pops out of the stable door! I remember the first time we took Middle Child he was less than impressed with these huge beasts!

As well as seeing the horses, there’s also the opportunity to groom them. The last time we went both boys did this and loved it. There’s a small additional charge for this, but I cannot remember what it is. Not very helpful, sorry!

In the stables area there is a little museum, but this is basically just a room with the history of the Trust. There is also the wider estate that you can walk around to make the most of your visit. The stables themselves don’t take that long to look around. We were in there for about an hour then decided to do go for a bit of a walk.

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The visiting hours are quite restricted (14:00 – 16:00 Thursday – Sunday plus Bank Holidays) but tbh you’ll only be there for a couple of hours anyway. The reason the hours are so restricted is that they are a rescue stables first, visitor attraction second, which is as it should be. They might get more visitors if the hours were from 10:00 – 12:00 or something similar so you could do it in the school run, but that’s just my thoughts. 

We went on the Woodland walk. There is a sign that says it’s not suitable for wheelchairs and it really isn’t, or pushchairs. It’s a steep walk downhill and it’s quite uneven. We went all the way into the woods but decided to turn back as it was too muddy for the trainers we were in (despite the exceptionally dry weather we have had) and I had Smallest Child in the carrier and didn’t want to slip. Walking back up was quite tough!

We also visited the cafe – The pot of tea for 1 was huge! The Victoria Sponge was a little bit dry, but half the cake had gone so I’m guessing it was at least a day old. The prices were fairly reasonable though. 

Tip – At about 16:10 they bring all of the horses through the car park and out to the field if you happen to be in the car park at the time you get to have a good up-close look at them. 

Admission cost

There’s a charge of £5 per car. According to the Horse Trust website cars with over 7 people are “at their discretion”

How to get there / Parking

Address – Slad Lane, Speen, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire HP27 0PP

If you’re visiting The Horse Trust it can be a bit tricky to find as it isn’t actually in Speen! If you’re coming from Aylesbury we come off the A4010 towards Lacey Green. Go through the village. Shortly after you come out the other side there is a cross roads. Turn left towards Speen and the Horse Trust is a short way up on your right BEFORE THE BEND.

Parking – Onsite


On-site including baby change


Cafe on site. Because of the opening hours you’re unlikely to be there for lunch, more just a quick snack.

Our The Horse Trust at Speen review

It’s a nice place, and a great way for kids to get up close to the horses. Because it’s quite limited on size it’s not somewhere you’ll visit that regularly. That said, we’ve visited multiple times over the years. For the latest updates on the residents at The Horse Trust at Speen visit their website.

The Horse Trust at Speen (aka the Home of Rest for Horses) is a rescue stables in Buckinghamshire that's open to the public.

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