ToucanBox Subscription Review

ToucanBox is a children’s craft subscription box that I’ve wanted to review for a while. We used to get the boxes when Middle Child was smaller but he grew out of them. Now Smallest Child is old enough we has subscribed again. I decided to wait until we had done a few boxes before doing the write-up. It has evolved in the years between subscriptions, but we really like what you get now!

This review of ToucanBox contains affiliate links but we also have our own, on-going subscription. If you make a purchase via these affiliate links then I earn a small commission, which goes towards the running costs of the site, but there is no additional cost to you.

Setting up your subscription

When you are setting up your ToucanBox subscription* you get to choose what is in the first box. Each box contains two crafts which are suitable for a variety of ages. There are some options that are always available, such as the puppet theatre or mini greenhouse. You’ll also find seasonal activities. After that you don’t find out what’s in the box until it arrives.

What’s in the ToucanBox?

There are two themed crafts / activities in each monthly box. There’s also a themed magnet (which Smallest Child gets very excited about!!) You’ll also find an activity booklet and sticker sheet. The crafts typically take 20-30 minutes each. For older children they’ll probably need very little extra help to make the crafts. Smallest Child is 3 and she could do parts of it herself, but also needed some help. There was enough that she could do independently to keep her engaged. That said, they’re not so young that older children wouldn’t enjoy the crafts. The suggested age range is 3 – 8 years.

ToucanBox children's craft subscription box review | Free Time with the Kids

The crafts

We’ve had several boxes now and we’ve been very impressed with the quality of them. You may have seen my review of the Baker Ross Craft-it! boxes, which are slightly cheaper. Each craft pack usually only makes one item, whereas the Baker Ross ones usually make several of each item. They are longer lasting though. In our first box we chose the gingerbread house and that was on the side and being regularly played with for a couple of months.

ToucanBox children's craft subscription box review | Free Time with the Kids

The seaside craft pack was the exception to this. This pack contained the resources to make two stuffed crabs and a sand art picture. All in one pack.

Children's craft ideas and activities

Each craft pack in the ToucanBox has step by step instructions on how to do the craft – including telling you where some extra adult assistance may be required. The pack also contains everything you need, including the sundries like glue. Smallest Child has really enjoyed all of the crafts that we’ve tried so far – and the boys have liked helping her as well.

One thing that I particularly liked about the crafts that we made is that they kick started other activities. The dinosaur mask and tail that we made has been played with loads. It’s also been adapted into a cape and dressing up for the dolls. Again, it’s something that adds value to the ToucanBox subscription.

ToucanBox children's craft subscription box review | Free Time with the Kids
Children's craft ideas | Free Time with the Kids

The leaflet

In addition to the crafts, the ToucanBox also contains an activity leaflet. In here you’ll find some other activities, colouring and science experiments. There is also a sticker sheet – and everyone loves a sticker sheet! Although these will require some of your own resources, they add to the value of the boxes and make them last longer.

Our ToucanBox subscription review

In comparison to other subscription services I have done a review for, the ToucanBox is mid-priced. It contains good quality resources, and there won’t be loads left over once you’ve finished. Having everything all together in one packet all ready to go makes impromptu crafting with the kids so much easier. If they’re going crazy and you want to calm them down, or you just generally want some quiet time together, you can just grab one of the packs and you’re good to go. I also liked that the crafts are quite robust – it’s not just the initial activity that you can do together, you can continue to play together afterwards as well.


A monthly subscription cost £8.95 (plus £2.95 P&P). There are also three, six and 12 month options that bring the price down to as little as £5.95 per month (plus P&P). If you are a new customer then your first box is half price. Find out more and subscribe here (affiliate link)

ToucanBox children's craft subscription box review | Free Time with the Kids

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