Sunflower Field at The Patch MK

The Patch MK near Milton Keynes, Bucks, is known for its pumpkins, but this year they’ve also got sunflower fields. The event is potentially only going to be around for a few days as they are completely beholden to the weather. Apparently the sunflower field at The Patch MK has flowered two weeks earlier than they had expected, and some of the flowers are already starting to go over. They have only been open for a few days and they’re currently only taking bookings a few days in advance so they can keep an eye on the sunflowers and make sure they’re still at their best.

One thing I particularly liked about the sunflower field at The Patch MK is that you must pre-book your slot and they’re limiting the number of spaces available. There’s sanitiser at high-touch points and signs up at the entrance giving you information. It’s also contactless cards only (except for the tractor). There were lots of people there, but we felt completely safe when we visited.

The Patch MK | Free Time with the Kids

The sunflower field at The Patch MK

It seems that everyone has grown sunflowers this year (probably lockdown related) and we’ve got loads in our garden too. I’ve never been to a sunflower field before though (we were supposed to visit another one nearby last weekend but weren’t able to in the end). It was really cool. The sunflowers are about 7ft tall and lots of different varieties and sizes. There’s a couple of paths that have been cut through the field so you can wander around and be surrounded by sunflowers. There’s plenty of photo opportunities all over the place.

You do have to be careful walking around as the paths are made by cutting down other sunflowers. Every here and there you’ll find a stalk sticking out that’s easy enough to trip on. We hadn’t brought the pushchair but I saw other people using one.

Towards the exit there are sunflowers that you can buy for £2 per stem. You go into the field with a member of staff and they will cut whichever ones you want. We have come home with three MASSIVE ones. They are so beautiful.

Sunflower field at The Patch MK | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Things to do in the summer holidays

The wheat field

As if looking at all the stunning sunflowers wasn’t enough, they have also got a wheat field for you to explore. Again, there are paths cut through the field (please make sure you stick to the path as this is still a commercial crop) and in the middle is a hay bale mountain and a vintage tractor. The kids are welcome to clamber all over the hay bales. You can also queue up to drive the tractor. There’s a big platform at the back so access, even for multiple kids, is easy. There’s so many photo opportunities in the wheat field. Plus it’s a great way for kids to know where their food comes from.

Sunflower field at The Patch MK | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Things to do in the summer holidays

The maize maze

I’ve been to a few maize mazes before, and lots of other “normal” mazes (such as the ones at Cliveden and Blenheim Palace which are such good fun). Of everything that they had on site at The Patch MK, the maize maze was the only thing we found disappointing. It wasn’t actually a maze, it was just a trail through a small maize field. It was very cool to be able to see up close how sweetcorn grows, but it wasn’t a highlight for us. Maybe they could do something bigger, or even just more maze-y next time?

Review update – The Patch MK have been on touch to say that, because of covid, they have been unable to include any dead ends in the maize maze. Makes sense I suppose.

Sunflower field at The Patch MK | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Things to do in the summer holidays

Tractor rides

I’m officially an idiot. When we arrived we were told that there were tractor rides at the bottom, and also some birds of prey. I totally forgot it was there until we drove home! I can’t tell you what it was like, but I do know it was £2.50 per person and you had to pay cash.

Other facilities

There’s a little platform near the sunflower patch that you can climb onto to look over the whole field. There is also a kiosk selling ice-cream (£2.65 for a small tub, £1 for a juice box and £1.50 for a bottle of water. Cards only). There is also a BBQ selling burgers (£5) and home-grown corn on the cob (£2.50). They were probably selling other stuff as well but those were the ones that caught our attention. The corn on the cob was epic. Soooo fresh (they’ve been picking it this week apparently) and Hubby loved his burger. Yum.

As well as the sunflowers you can also buy small wheat sheafs for £4.50 and corn on the cob (2 for £2). Very sadly they’d sold out / BBQ’d all of the corn that was ripe when we visited, but you might be lucky.

Our sunflower field at The Patch MK review

The main reason we chose to visit the Patch MK over any other sunflower field today was because of the pre-booking. I like that you know the numbers on site will be limited. It’s actually quite a large site, with lots of different things to do. We were there for over a hour and a half. If we’d actually done the tractor rides etc we’d probably have been there for 2 hours. It felt very well organised and all the staff we spoke to were lovely. I was having a good old natter with the lady on the tills and she was telling me all about the how the pumpkin patch is coming along. It sounds so good – we will definitely come back for that!

With admission, sunflowers and food we spent about £40. That does feel like quite a lot, but I do think each item of that was worth it. I certainly haven’t come away feeling ripped off. Plus, it’s supporting British Farming, and I’m all for that! We had such a lovely time and now I’m sitting here admiring my sunflowers whilst I type!

I really do feel like, for a review of the “sunflower field” at The Patch MK there has been a distinct lack of sunflower photos. So here’s another one for you! As you can see from the flowers in the background, they won’t be around for too much longer so get down there whilst you can! They are keeping their ticket site up to date and adding new dates if the flowers are still good enough. Click here to book. If they’re sold out, or you’re not able to make this event, have a look at my suggestions of things to do with the kids during the summer holidays.

Sunflower field at The Patch MK | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Things to do in the summer holidays

Admission Cost

Tickets must be pre-booked. £2.95 per person or £9.95 for a family of four. There’s a small booking fee too. Under 2’s go free.

Parking / How to get there

Address – The Patch MK, Mount Mill, Deanshanger, nr Milton Keynes, MK19 6DG

Technically you’re over the border in Northamptonshire but it’s basically just outside MK.

Parking – there’s plenty on free parking on-site. It is in a field but it’s not hideously bumpy on the ol’ suspension!


There are toilets, but we didn’t use them so I don’t know what they’re like.


There’s a BBQ, soft drinks and ice cream available. The food quality was very good and prices are about what you’d expect.

Sunflower field at The Patch MK | Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Things to do in the summer holidays

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