Pumpkin Patch MK Review

In the summer we visited The Patch MK to review their sunflower fields, now the pumpkin patch is open so we just had to go along! We already had tickets booked for the first day of opening, but I was kindly invited along by Joe and Roz to a preview event as well. Yup, I’m going to spend two consecutive days trudging through muddy fields finding the perfect pumpkin. It’s going to be so much fun!!

The pumpkin patch at Patch MK

The star of the show is of course the actual pumpkin patch. I’m really pleased that it’s not all pre-cut pumpkins laid out on the grass. Here you actually have to go and get right in there to find your perfect pumpkin. Most of the vines are still there (although they have been cut back I assume so you can actually get around a bit) so you have to genuinely hunt for some of the little ones. And that’s part of the fun. Don’t worry, they are still pre-cut though so no sharp knives required!

Pumpkin patches in Buckinghamshire | Free Time with the Kids | Halloween activities in Milton Keynes

There is an incredible variety of pumpkins in the patch and apparently Patch MK have doubled the size since last year. There’s orange ones, white ones, green one, red ones, stripey ones, knobbly ones, big ones, little ones, massive ones and everything in between!

Little tip though. This is a FIELD. A field full of MUD. There are vines and pumpkins EVERYWHERE! Make sure you dress appropriately (wellies, clothes you don’t mind getting messy). It’s quite an exposed location so wrap up warm. There’s limited cover so bring a brolly or waterproof coat if the weather looks iffy. You can’t take a pushchair onto the patch itself either. I saw a lady trying to get her pushchair along Inst Alley and that didn’t really seem to be working either. Probably best to ditch it for the day.

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

There are some really great photos to be taken in the middle of the pumpkin patch itself. I think I actually preferred the photos from here more than the ones in….

Insta Alley

OK – not everyone is going to be interested in getting all muddy and trying to negotiate the pumpkins and vines with a wheelbarrow. But you still want to get some cool pics and a pumpkin to carve (or even, shockingly, EAT!). That’s what Insta Alley comes in. They’ve put a ton of pumpkins on a huge stretch of grass for you to go and pick your own. There’s a decent variety of shapes and sizes, but it’s mainly the orange and white ones rather than the funky ones. If you want those then you’ve got to get into the field.

In the middle of Insta Alley is a pumpkin house which all the kids are instantly drawn to and it does look pretty cool.

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Further down the alley there’s the vintage tractor that the kids can “drive”. There’s hand sanitiser at the foot of the steps. This is the same tractor that they had in the sunflower fields and it was very popular. Smallest Child was on here for about 5 minutes today before I could drag her off (it was raining and we were the only one around at that stage so it was ok).


To help you carry your massive haul of pumpkins you can borrow a wheelbarrow. It’s £1 deposit (cash only) so they can make sure they’re returned and sanitised before the next family use them. The wheelbarrows are surprisingly nimble so, even with Smallest Child sat inside I could still get around the patch. Obviously, for safety reasons don’t let the kids sit in the wheelbarrows. That would be bad…

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Bale maze, bale mountain and the play area

Again, there’s a bale mountain for the kids to explore. It’s actually made of quite big bales so I had to help Smallest Child onto the first tier. There was no way I was going to make it up there myself so she couldn’t go any higher. Not that she cared! The boys will just have to help her tomorrow. There’s also a bale maze for the kids to run around in.

Right next to all of this there’s a play area with a little climbing wall and a couple of slides. The kids all loved this! Again, this does get muddy so please bear that in mind when deciding what to wear for the day.

Near the marquee you’ll also find a couple of photo boards for some really cute pics. And you can finally find out what your height is in pumpkins! Thank goodness there isn’t a find your weight in pumpkins option!!!!!!!!

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Barrel rides

These are £2.50 per person (also cash only). They weren’t running today but when we go back tomorrow I’ll try and get some pics.


You just know it’s going to be really good quality here! During the summer they did burgers and corn on the cob and they were extremely tasty. During the pumpkin patch, Patch MK are selling bacon and egg rolls in the morning. In the afternoon it’s some very scrummy sounding pork hotdogs and smoked jackfruit. There’s tray bakes on sale and (obviously) pumpkin soup. Drinks are also available. It’s not the cheapest food, but it is food quality.

Our review of the pumpkin patch at The Patch MK

Confession – I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch before. I kind of wondered what the point of it is? Other than supporting local farmers (the value of which shouldn’t be underestimated), how is picking a pre-cut pumpkin up off the floor any different from buying one in Tesco? Well, at The Pumpkin Patch MK it’s VERY different. There’s loads to do, it’s really good fun and can actually get out into the field (if you want to). I’ve now got some lovely photos and pumpkins, on top of it being a great way to spend a couple of hours.


Other local half term activities

I’ve put together a list of other local pumpkin patches (check those out here) as well as general October half term activities – which you can find here.

Admission cost and pumpkin prices

A family of 4 ticket is £5.95. An individual ticket is £1.95. It’s a timed entry ticket, and you’re asked to stay for a maximum of two hours to limit numbers. Pre-booking via their website is essential. The pumpkin patch at Patch MK is open on the 10/11th, 17/18th October and then daily from the 21st to 31st October (or until the pumpkins run out). All the weekend slots have currently sold out, but they may be releasing more tickets soon. There are still plenty of mid-week tickets for sale.

Pumpkins prices depend on size and colour. They start at £2 for a little one and £10 for a massive one. Add an extra £2 if they’re white or £1 if it’s stripy. There are pumpkin carving kits and LED tea-lights for sales as well.

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Parking / How to get there

Address – The Patch MK, Mount Mill Farm, Milton Keynes, Bucks. MK19 6DG

Parking – there is a car park on site. When you arrive at the farm there’s a sign posted road to the left of the main drive. Just follow that to get to the car park.


On-site but in the car park. Probably a good idea to go before you go into the patch.

The Patch MK, pumpkin patch | Review by Free Time with the Kids | Pumpkin patches in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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