Snow day ideas

Apparently it’s going to snow heavily tonight. Snow is WET (you may have noticed) and kids playing in the snow tend to get wet and cold pretty quickly. If it does snow and you end up having a snow day here are a couple of ideas to make the fun last longer;

Paint the snow

Paint the snow

Instead of throwing the snow around you can paint it. All you need is a couple of spray bottles and some food colouring. You’ll want to add quite a lot of food colouring to make sure the colours are vibrant. Don’t forget that food colouring can stain to either wear dark clothes, ones that don’t matter or don’t spray each other! Once the snow melts all the food colouring washes away so you don’t have to worry about your flowers turning blue. 

Top Tip – put plastic gloves over your winter gloves, it keeps the water out and your fingers stay warmer for longer.

Snow Volcano

Making their own volcano is always popular – it’s dramatic and instant science they can do really easily. Adapt it for the snow though; get a test tube or tall, thin pot of some kind. 1/3 fill it with Bicarbonate of Soda. Build a mountain of snow (volcano shaped of course) and push the test tube into the middle. Add some red or orange food colouring to some white vinegar. Pour this into the test tube and WHOOSH, instant snow volcano. Keep adding the vinegar mixture until either you run out of vinegar or it stops fizzing.

This is a really cheap experiment kids love and it’s so easy to repeat it if one go isn’t enough. Simply add more Bicarb to the test tube and add more vinegar. You could even use different colours to make patterns in the snow if you wanted to. Next time we have snow I’ll remember to get some photos.

Random Tip – this reaction is also great for cleaning pipes, minus the food colouring of course. Sling some bicarb down the drain, add the vinegar and you’ll have instantly cleaner pipes.

Make ice globes

Ok, so this was more fun making them than the end result (ours didn’t actually freeze) but the idea is that you fill balloons with water, add some food colouring and leave them out to freeze. Once frozen, remove the balloons and you have a lovely ice globe. We’ll try them again this year but I’d recommend using water balloons rather than normal balloons and not making them too big – I think that’s where we went wrong.

The boys really enjoyed making them and finding the right place to put them so they’d freeze. It meant we had half an hour indoors to warm up, but were still doing something snow related.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to get the smallest ones around in the snow, it’s a two man job but how about this;

Our impromptu snow buggy!