Halloween Monster Hot Chocolate Recipe

Once you’ve finished trick or treating it’s nice to have a lovely hot drink to come home to. This Halloween monster hot chocolate only takes a few minutes to make and is easy to personalise. Every recipe I’ve seen for making white hot chocolate says you should use the best possible quality white chocolate. I’ll be honest, I just used the mid-range Aldi stuff. The first time I made this Middle Child’s drink lasted just about 60 seconds. I’m not dropping £2+ per bar on making a drink that he basically downed because it was so tasty! Everyone else managed to savour theirs, so I’m really not convinced the best possible quality chocolate is necessary here, but I’d definitely avoid the really cheap stuff.

Halloween Monster Hot Chocolate recipe | White Hot Chocolate Drink | Free Time with the Kids

White hot chocolate ingredients (serves 4/5)

To make the Monster Halloween hot chocolate you need to start by making white hot chocolate, and you cannot make it from powder. You’ll need

  • 1 ltr whole milk
  • 200g bar of white chocolate
  • white mini marshmallows
  • food colouring of your choice (including multiple colours)
  • whipped or squirty cream (but you probably won’t need it)
  • Saucepan, wooden spoon, ladle and a small glass for each colour you’re making, 4/5 warmed glasses

Little tip – I could only find pink and white marshmallows. That meant I had to pick out all the white ones, whilst surrounded by three children who desperately just wanted me to get on and serve their drink. I REALLY wish I’d picked out all the white ones before heating the milk.

How to make Halloween monster hot chocolate

(Learning from my mistake) put one handful of white mini marshmallows in a small glass. If you’re making multiple colours then put one handful of mashmallows per serving of each colour in a glass (ie if you’re making two red and three green servings then put two handfuls in one glass and three in another). Add a teaspoon of food colouring per handful to each glass and mix. You need quite a lot of food colouring for the full effect as it washes off the marshmallows quite quickly. Set these to one side.

Halloween Monster Hot Chocolate recipe | White Hot Chocolate Drink | Free Time with the Kids

Finely cut up your high quality (or not!) white chocolate so there’s no large lumps. Put the milk in a medium sized saucepan and add the hot chocolate. Stir gently, but continuously, until all the chocolate has melted, then bring to a gentle simmer. Continue stirring for a few minutes then turn off the heat. If you’re making just one colour Halloween monster hot chocolate then you can add the food dye at this stage until it’s the correct colour. If you’re making multiple colours then ladle the hot chocolate into 4 or 5 warmed glasses, add some food colouring until the correct shade has been achieved and stir. Top with the coloured marshmallows and serve.

This is a very rich drink (richer than normal hot chocolate) so I’d say this will easily be enough for 5 people. I also wouldn’t recommend adding any whipped cream for the same reason, but it’s up to you. Serving in glasses works best so you can see the full effect of the colours.

This Halloween monster hot chocolate is just one of the suggestions in my post 11 easy Halloween crafts and activities for kids. Click here to read them all.

Halloween Monster Hot Chocolate recipe | White Hot Chocolate Drink | Free Time with the Kids

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