Little Green Fingers Activity Boxes

I’ve done a few reviews now of kids activity boxes & when Little Green Fingers* got in touch I was keen to try them out. They sell a range of different activity boxes and crafts that range from eco-friendly party favours up to large activity and garden craft bundles. We were gifted the caterpillar activity kit for this review. This post contains *affiliate links. I earn a small commission for any sales made using these links, but there is no additional cost to you.

What’s in the box?

The box that we tried out had six different activities in it. There’s a paint your own bug observation box, a peanut butter bird feeder, caterpillar bead craft, greetings cards, seeds to plant and a “can you spot” activity. There’s actually quite a lot of stuff in the box;

Little Green Fingers gardening crafts & activity boxes for children | Review by Free Time with the Kids

– 1 x bug observation box
– 6 x pots of paint
– 1 x paintbrush
– 1 x magnifying glass
– 1 x cardboard bird house
– 1 x pot of peanut butter
– 1 x pack of bird seed
– 1 x spoon
– 1 x pack of bug friendly flower seeds
– 1 x caterpillar plant marker
– 1 x caterpillar bead craft
– 2 x flower card blanks and envelopes
– 10 x bug foam stickers
– 2 x activity sheets
– instructions

It doesn’t specify an age but I split the box between the kids so Biggest Child started off with the bug box as it was hardest to build. Middle Child had been desperate to build the peanut butter bird feeder so, of course, that one was his. Smallest Child was all about the bead craft.

The crafts

Most of the crafts in the box were fairly self explanatory so you didn’t really need any instructions to do them. The bug box was a little bit fiddly to put together so I’m glad that Biggest Child was the one making it. The peanut butter bird feeder was a real hit (probably because it was a bit messy). It also proved popular with the local squirrels who stole it within half an hour of it going on the tree!

Little Green Fingers gardening crafts & activity boxes for children | Review by Free Time with the Kids

The flower cards were supposed to be gifts for family but I think she’s decided to keep them! Rude. The cute little caterpillar was really easy for Smallest Child to make and only took a few minutes. In fact, most of the crafts only took a few minutes (max 10) to do, so the box from Little Green Fingers is good for dipping in and out of.

The other activities

We used the bug observation box when we were using the bug spotting sheets. We already have a bug collecting kit but it was nice to then use the box to get a closer look. Particularly given that I don’t really like woodlice but the kids are semi-permanently picking them up!

Smallest Child is now the proud owner of her very own little garden. All of the seeds have been planted and are now being guarded by a massive caterpillar. As much as I really like doing craft boxes, I particularly like it when there’s an activity that lasts and lasts. The seeds in the packet can be planted any time from Feb – November. I have no idea what’s in there and it may well be that after the first lot of seeds grows there will be more plants to come. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out!

Our Little Green Fingers activity box review

There’s a good range of activities in the box and would be suitable for a range of ages. Nothing is particularly complicated (just a bit fiddly), so you could leave older children to their own devices really. Younger children will need more help though. In terms of value for money, it’s only a few £ more than some of the other boxes we’ve tried, but you get more in the box. I also think this particular box is really good for families with a couple of children because of the range of activities you get. It was really easy to split the contents between my three without any arguments.

I’ve had a look around the Little Green Fingers Etsy page* and there’s some really cool stuff on there. I particularly like the party bag gift kits they do. I hate all the plastic crap you get in party bags (sorry) so I’ve always tried to avoid it. Something like these would be a great alternative!

Overall we had good fun making the crafts and activities and we’ve now got something that will last the whole summer long (and maybe more). The contents were decent quality and there’s a lot that comes in the kit. For lots more craft and activity box reviews have a look here.

Little Green Fingers gardening crafts & activity boxes for children | Review by Free Time with the Kids

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