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This is the third “Home is Where Your Start is” box that we have been gifted. You can find the other two reviews here (for the dinosaur box) and here (for the Halloween box). These boxes are preschool craft and educational subscription boxes that cover a range of EYFS topics. There’s a new box each month that is available for postal delivery, as well as some on-going themed boxes such as hand and dental hygiene.

How it works

These boxes are designed to be used by parents, childminders (and even nursery settings) to help encourage EYFS development. There is a mixture of preschool aged educational activities or crafts, songs, suggested reading and more. Everything is based around a central theme – in this case it was autumn. The accompanying book tells you all about how to prepare for, carry out and extend each of the activities. It also tells you what skill they’ll be developing with each activity.

What’s in the box?

If this is your first box then you’ll get a free playdough mat as well, which makes the box a bit bigger than the subsequent ones will be. Inside your box you will find all the resources for four activities (although there might be a few store cupboard bits you’ll need as well). There’s also the activity book which is worth its weight in gold!

Home is where your start is | Pre-school educational subscription boxes | Free Time with the Kids

The activities

This Home is Where Your Start is box was all about Autumn. Of the three boxes we’ve tried so far it is the most activity, rather than craft, based box. It’s also the one where the resources are the least re-usable. That said, the activity ideas are very much reusable.

The first preschool educational activity that we tried out was autumn spiced playdough. Ours was flavoured / coloured with turmeric because I didn’t have any mixed spice in the cupboard. We actually made the playdough as well, which was an activity all by itself. Then we started playing. The resources in the box included lots of natural resources to use with the playdough. There was little bits of wood, bark, pine cones hedgehogs and leaves. We explored the different prints the resources left in the playdough and more. The great thing about this activity is that the playdough lasts for ages so you can play again and again. Another little tip – did you know that you can bake playdough? Including home made playdough. We made some little spiced autumn dough biscuits and we’ll use those for another game in the future.

Home is where your start is | Pre-school educational subscription boxes | Free Time with the Kids

The only thing I will say about this activity is that our play dough initially turned out very, very wet. I must have messed up my quantities but I ended up having to add a ton more flour to make it into dough and not soup. Which meant we had a LOT to play with, not that this was even remotely a problem with my lot!!

Activity two

This second preschool activity is one I’m kind of annoyed at myself for not doing before. It’s so simple. Why the hell didn’t I think of it?? I think that’s actually the beauty of these educational boxes – they give you all inspiration of things to do with your own kids that are both fun and educational.

Home is where your start is | Pre-school educational subscription boxes | Free Time with the Kids

Anyway, back to activity two – making soup. This is why I’m cross with myself. Smallest Child and I are always either baking bread and cakes or playing baking games with things like rainbow rice or water beads. We’ve never made soup before though. Included in the box is a wooden slotted spoon, jar of mixed herbs and a stock cube. This is very much a child-led activity. So much so the soup we made is totally inedible and my house smelled of herbs for hours afterwards!! There were lots of other important skills she was learning whilst do this, but she also had a fantastic time. She was making soup for over an hour. How many activities capture a three year old’s attention for that long?

What we think of the preschool educational activities subscription box from Home is Where Your Start is?

We love it! Like I said we’ve been gifted two other boxes so far (dinosaurs and Halloween). We have loved every single one. The quality of the booklet (which is also available individually without the resources btw) is fantastic. Long after the resources have been used up we will have those books to refer back to. It’s great knowing that she’s learning whilst we play, but also being able to understand WHAT it is that she is learning. Everything is set out for you, it couldn’t be simpler. I am a big fan of these boxes!

How much do the boxes from Home is Where Your Start is cost?

The standard boxes are £14.50 (including free delivery). There are also on-going special boxes such as hand-washing and teeth-brushing. You can also order some of the previous boxes. Have a look at the website for all the details.

If you’ve got under 5’s make sure you have a look at the toddler area of the website. There’s also lots of other postal activities and subscriptions for kids that I’ve reviewed as well.

Home is where your start is | Pre-school educational subscription boxes | Free Time with the Kids

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