Festival of Lights Aylesbury

The Festival of Lights was held in Aylesbury this weekend and it was FANTASTIC. For those of you who don’t know anything about the festival it’s organised by Holy Cow Home and Bucks County Museum. It’s a FREE event to celebrate Diwali and 2019 was the third year it’s been going and each year it has got bigger and better! It starts early afternoon and went on into the evening. It is a predominantly outdoor event so it’s always going to be better if it’s dry.

Festival of Lights Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

The Festival of Lights is held in two parts of Aylesbury; Kingsbury Square and in the grounds of Bucks County Museum just around the corner. Kingsbury Square has the main outdoors stage and performance areas, as well as food stalls and a couple of other stalls. Inside the museum and its grounds there are smaller workshops, demonstrations and lots of different stalls. Just in case you didn’t know there’s a rear entrance to the museum which leads out onto Pebble Lane, just a few steps away from Kingsbury Square so there’s very easy access between the two sections.

The Outdoor STage (Kingsbury Square)

Most of the noisiest activities take place here. This year (2019) the Festival of Lights in Aylesbury included individual dancers, group performances, singing, some amazing drumming and interactive workshops throughout the day. There was a rickshaw you could have your photo taken in, a food tent and a couple of other stalls. In the evening there was a lantern parade and fire show!!

The atmosphere in the square was excellent. There were some interactive sections where audience participation was encouraged. I was really pleased to see so many people taking part and giving it a try. When we first arrived there was a dance workshop going on. Some professional dancers were teaching the audience how to do some simple moves en masse. I was reminded of doing the macarena at my school disco and how it is utterly crap in comparison to this. Sadly the boys weren’t up for joining in and I wasn’t brave enough to do it alone. Then I regretted not taking part! Typical.

Anyway, during the other performances, such as the drummers etc, you were more than welcome to join in and have a dance too. There were less people dancing in these sections, but even those just watching from the sidelines were having a brilliant time.

Festival of Lights Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

Inside the Museum and grounds

Inside the museum itself there were various trade stalls. Some were much more related to Diwali than others!! However they were all local independent companies which is always nice to see. They had a lovely little cake stall there which the boys enjoyed! There was also a lady who was offering henna tattoos for approx £10 each. I didn’t get to have one but they were truly beautiful. Throughout the day they also had story telling and other sessions going on upstairs as well.

In the gardens there were various smaller classes and demonstrations. There was a belly dancing workshop (which was very quiet) and also a Bollywood dance workshop. This was really good fun. Biggest child was quite happy to join in this time and we had a great time dancing really badly.

Festival of Lights Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids
Festival of Lights Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

Whilst we were at the museum we took the opportunity to pop up to the Reincarnated Rubbish exhibition before it finishes. The boys hadn’t seen it yet but loved it. You can read my full review here.

My review of the Festival of Lights Aylesbury

This is another really good free event in Aylesbury. We’re lucky that we have so many of them. There was plenty to do and see. You could either be an active participant or simply an observer, either way you’ll have a great time. I cannot wait for next year.

Festival of Lights Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

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