Bucks County Museum – Reincarnated Rubbish Exhibition

Reincarnated Rubbish is the latest special exhibition taking place at the Bucks County Museum in Aylesbury. It follows on from the recent ROBOT exhibition, and is also held in the Art Gallery upstairs (lift access is available). For the full review of Bucks County museum (excluding Reincarnated Rubbish) click here.

This time the exhibition is FREE, as is admission to the museum itself. There are additional charges for the Children’s Gallery next door – my review of that can be found here.

The Exhibition

Whilst I’d very much like to be, in reality I am not remotely artistic. Smallest child is always asking me to draw stuff for her and this is just about the best I can do. Hardly going to win any modern art awards!! (They’re a house, mouse and butterfly if you were wondering)

I can however appreciate other people’s abilities and the artist behind Reincarnated Rubbish, Val Hunt, has created some beautiful pieces. There are various sculptures within the exhibition; from the very impressive horse, right down to insects. Smallest child LOVED the dinosaur (which I would have quite happily purchased if I could afford it) but my favourite had to be the Owl and the Pussycat panels. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to take photos for copyright reasons, but it’s truly beautiful.

Bucks County Museum | Rubish Reincarnated | Free Time with the Kids
Bucks County Museum | Rubbish Reincarnated Review | Free Time with the Kids

Most of us have seen tin can sculptures before. For example, my sister-in-law has a large elephant from Thailand in her living room. But these really were next level!

Bucks County Museum | Rubbish Reincarnated Review | Free Time with the Kids
Bucks County Museum | Rubbish Reincarnated Review | Free Time with the Kids

It’s not a large exhibition, but there is a decent amount to see. We were up there for about 20 minutes before smallest child discovered the button to the lift and we were off! If I’d been there alone, or with the bigger boys, then we definitely would have been able to spend some more time up there. It probably isn’t worth a specific trip across county to visit, but if you’re in Aylesbury for any reason then I would recommend popping in to have a look. The artwork is available to purchase as well.

Artist in Residence – Katie Surridge

Whilst we were there I also got the chance to talk to the Bucks County Museum Artist in Residence, Katie Surridge. She’s using the shapes from the protective packaging surrounding to create new pieces of bronze sculpture. She explained it much better than I did and her work is really interesting. I cannot wait to see what the end result looks like! Once casting is complete, archaeology boxes will be set up. Children will be able to dig around and discover their own buried treasures! You can meet Katie at her open studio on the 27th September, 10/11/17 and 18th October.

Bucks County Museum | Artist in residence | Free Time with the Kids
Bucks County Museum | Artist in residence | Free Time with the Kids

Admission Cost

Admission to the Bucks County Museum and Reincarnated Rubbish exhibition are both FREE. The exhibition is running from 14 September – 2 November, Monday – Saturday

Parking / How to get there

There is no parking on-site but there are plenty of town centre car parks nearby.

Address – Church Street, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. HP20 2QP


Toilets, including baby change on-site


There is a small cafe on-site. You’re welcome to have a picnic in the garden. Realistically though you’re unlikely to need to bring your own food as it’s not a full-day activity.

Our Reincarnated Rubbish at Bucks County Museum review

4/5 – This is actually one of my favourite exhibitions of recent times. It’s beautiful art that helps raise awareness of the power of recycling. She doesn’t understand any of that but smallest child really enjoyed it. Sadly hubby and the boys weren’t with us today but I’ve told them about it and they cannot wait to go.

Their website – www.buckscountymuseum.org

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