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The REview

Each summer there is a chargeable exhibit at Bucks County Museum and this year it’s ROBOT. The exhibition is dedicated to Robots, Cyborgs and Androids. They have a life-sized Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. Hubby would like me to point out that a Stormtrooper is neither a Robot, Cyborg or Android.

Technicalities out of the way, here are the practicalities. The exhibition is in a different place from previous years, it’s on the first floor. It’s worth noting that pushchairs are not allowed in the exhibition, you have to leave them in a designated area on the ground floor. There is a lift and wheelchair access up to the exhibition though.

There are various life sized models from pop culture that you’ll know and love. R2-D2 (which was supposed to be a drinks cabinet), C-3P0 and Seven of Nine all feature, as do some you’ll be less familiar with. I wasn’t 100% sure about the cat robot though – you’ll know when I mean when you see it.

Next to each Robot, Bucks County Museum have put up a little plaque telling you about it and, tbh, most of your time will be spent reading these. It’s not a big exhibition but it is pretty cool. There is the opportunity to bulk out your time by doing the treasure trail (£1 each which then gives you a trail to do and then a robot mask to colour in). On Tuesdays and Wednesdays they also do robot craft activities for £3.50 per child. Check out the website for all the details.

Make sure you have a look around Bucks County Museum itself once you’ve finished looking at ROBOT. It’s FREE and, despite being small, it is interesting. You can read my review of the museum here. There is also the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery on-site. There is a fee for admission (£22 per family) but they also do an annual pass which is very good value.

Admission Cost

Child (4 – 17 yrs), concessions: £2.50, Adult: £3.50, Under 4s: by donation

Parking / How to get there

None on site, use the town centre car parks




Cafe on site

Our Review of ROBOT at Bucks County Museum

3.5 / 5 It is quite a small exhibit. We were there for about 20 minutes but we did not do any of the extra activities. Previously they have had extra bits that you can do so you can stay for longer, but this time they’re chargeable. For example, last time there was a massive Lego board and tons of bricks; the boys were there for ages. I wish they’d done something like that again. It was an interesting exhibit though, and you’ve got robot fans in the house they’ll love it.

We were very kindly invited to visit ROBOT at Bucks County Museum but all opinions are my own and they did not see my review before publication.

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