Brill Windmill and Common Review

We used to come for family walks at Brill Windmill and Common all the time when I was a kid, but I haven’t been here for years. Brill is a small but very beautiful village just off the A41 on the Buckinghamshire / Oxfordshire border.

The views from both Brill Common and Brill Windmill are amazing. You can see for miles and miles! There’s also lots of wildlife to spot, including tons of butterflies. You’ll regularly see horses being ridden and they have a community herd of cows that help conserve the common. The cows are regularly moved around and kept in place using electric fences. You can find out where they currently are (so you can avoid rather than find them) on the BVCH website.

Brill windmill and common review  | Free Time with the Kids | Family Walks in Buckinghamshire

There is a lot of wildflowers and other wildlife around Brill Common. Please ensure you’re sticking to the worn and public footpaths when you’re exploring. Awful parking, litter and dog poop are a real problem here so please, don’t be an idiot and pick up after yourselves. That way we can all continue to enjoy lovely family walks without them being ruined.

Brill Common and Windmill

The first thing you’ll notice about Brill Common is all the hills. There’s dozens of hills, of differing sizes, right next to the windmill. The landscape is left over from being used as a clay quarry and it’s crazy. It might be slightly wishful thinking but there’s a suggestion that make J.R.R. Tolkein used Brill as the inspiration for Bree (or maybe Hobbiton itself).

It’s also VERY windy up here, pretty much whatever the weather is anywhere else. That means it’s perfect for flying kites. It also means that it’s the perfect location for a windmill – so much so they built four around here! Well, that’s according to the sign near Hartwells Barn.

Free Time with the Kids

The best hills at Brill Common are all quite close together and so the kids can just run up and down the footpaths relatively safely. There is a road that runs through the middle of Brill Common, and it can get busy during the summer, so please be mindful of that. The windmill side of the common is popular with families, but most seem to tend to remain here rather than exploring the rest of the common. If you cross the road there are more hills to explore, as well as a couple of circular public footpath routes. Brill Common and Windmill actually has several walks that can start from here. Generally though it’s just a great place to stretch your legs with the kids.

The windmill itself is usually open on Sundays from 2pm – 5pm between Easter and the end of September. £2 per adult, 50p per child.

Brill common review  | Free Time with the Kids | Family Walks in Buckinghamshire

Our review of Brill Common and Windmill

Brill is a brilliant (see what I did there) place to let the kids explore and burn off some energy. They just love running up and down those hills. It’s also really nice to move away from the common that’s immediately around Brill Windmill and explore some of the quieter paths. The site is fairly compact but even though you might be criss-crossing paths all the time it doesn’t feel like it. That makes it great for little legs – wear them out quickly but then you don’t have far to walk back to the car.

Admission Cost

It’s free to visit the common, although there’s a nominal fee to visit the windmill.

Parking / How to get there

The main car park is next to the windmill – South Hills, Brill, Aylesbury HP18 9TQ. Parking is free

It is a small car park, but there seems to be quite a quick turn around of cars. A lot of people seem to be parking their cars along the road that goes through the common. Windmill Street itself seemed to be quite full of cars too, but I’m not sure if those are residents. As always I’d say please park considerately, don’t block access and if the car park is full go home and come again another day.


Picnics on Brill Common seem popular, particularly sitting around the windmill area. You just have to be mindful of the cow poop. There is also the award winning The Pheasant pub and B&B right next to the windmill.


There are no toilets nearby. The toilets at the pub are for customers only

What’s nearby

Brill Common and Windmill are just a couple of minute’s drive away from Boarstall Duck Decoy. There’s also Waddesdon Manor nearby as well as Finemere Woods. This review of Brill Common and Windmill is just one of the family walks on the website. Click here to find reviews of lots more.

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