Odeon Cinema Aylesbury (and its extortionate food prices)

I really enjoy going to the cinema to see a film, and so do the kids. We’ve not taken Smallest Child since she was a tiny baby but Shaun the Sheep is showing on Kids Club and she loves that bloomin’ sheep. I thought she might sit through the whole thing (massively optimistic and ultimately wrong but ho hum). As an almost-the-end-of-the-holidays treat I decided to take them along to see it at the Odeon Cinema in Aylesbury. If you have’t heard of it, tickets for kids club are £3.25 each (including booking fee) and premier seats are the same price as standard. They show films a couple of weeks after they’ve finished their main run.

Odeon Cinema Aylesbury | Food and Ticket Prices | Free Time with the Kids
There’s a Shaun the Sheep Glow Trail, inspired by the film, at Wendover Woods, Bucks. Click the image for the full details.

The cost of the food at Aylesbury’s Odeon Cinema

We always get a family bundle for the food. For £14 you get; one medium popcorn, two medium drinks (or one large if you’re on your own) and two kids mixes. A kids mix is a tiny popcorn, drink (small water, small fruit shoot or capri-sun) and two snacks (fun size randoms, milkybar buttons, dairy milk buttons or fruit yo-yo. There may have been something else that I’ve forgotten). As a deal it’s a huge saving on individual prices but it definitely adds to the cost. Bear in mind that for kids club I only paid £13 for four tickets. The food is more expensive than the tickets!!

Smallest Child is now big enough to want her own kids mix so I’d planned to get one for her too. I haven’t brought an individual kids mix in ages and I was nearly floored at the cost of it.£4.50!!!! That’s £ sterling, not some other currency that is equivalent to £2 in the UK but 450 whole pennies. HOW MUCH!!!!! The cost to Odeon must be 50p- £1 and I know not all cinemas in the chain charge the same as Aylesbury. Honestly I cannot imagine how they think that’s justifiable. The guy serving me was a little put out when I told him that at that price I wouldn’t be getting it.


Luckily Smallest Child is still small enough that she didn’t realise she’s missing out, so I gave her some of my popcorn in a tub. She didn’t notice the sweets and drinks the boys had because it was dark, she wasn’t sitting next to them and I had brought her cup with us.

My point is this, we all know there’s a huge mark-up on food and drink at the cinema. We all know it’s going to cost a lot but why isn’t there a price for three kids mixes at the same kind of discount as the family mix with two? There are lots and lots of families now that have three kids so we’re not alone. I’d happily pay another couple of quid for an additional box and it’s not as if it would have a huge impact of profit margins. So, come on Odeon Aylesbury, sort out the food prices!! It’s genuinely no wonder that pretty much everyone sneaks sweets in.

The price of tickets

And don’t even get me started on the prices of cinema tickets. Thankfully we never pay full price as we have a couple of discount schemes that save us a packet. Without that discount it would cost the five of us over £54 for tickets and now £18.50 for food. That’s £72.50 for a couple of hours!!!! All five of us could go to Gulliver’s Land for the day for less than that. Or that’s the equivalent of 7 months National Trust family membership!!!! Shockingly we just cannot afford that. If you’re looking for ways to treat the family that last a bit longer check out the treat days section of the website.

I know that the Odeon Cinema in Aylesbury is currently undergoing and upgrade to their new Luxe seats. They’re doing it screen by screen and sadly the showing today was in one of the old ones. We’ve had friends use the new seats and they think they’re awesome. The astronomical costs were there before the upgrade though so they cannot even suggest it’s related.


Money Saving Tip – If you don’t want to get a second mortgage out just to watch a film, there are various schemes that offer discounts (affiliate links). You can currently sign up to Kids Pass for £2.99 per month (£4.99 after the promotion ends) which gives you up to 40% off Odeon Cinema tickets, including Aylesbury. There’s also huge savings on family days out and meals. Alternatively with a TasteCard+ you can save up to 40% off cinema tickets as well as 50% in loads of restaurants and other family discounts. There’s a free trial then £39.99 per year.

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