Mr Mulligan’s Indoor Crazy Golf Review

Indoor crazy golf is one of the things that I suggested as something indoors to do with the kids. The boys had visited the outdoor version of Mr Mulligan’s Crazy golf and given it a good review, so I thought we’d try their indoor version. It’s in Milton Keynes, right next to the Theatre car park (which is cheap as chips btw. £1.60 for up to 4 hours). It’s not on the same site as the outdoor version.

Mr Mulligan's Indoor crazy golf, Milton Keynes | Free Time with the kids review

The crazy golf courses

There are two courses at Mr Mulligan’s; the Enchanted Forest and the Underwater Kingdom. When we arrived we were told that each course took roughly 25 minutes to complete (longer if you get stuck behind someone else). It’s only £10 per family more to do both courses rather than one, so we decided to do both.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE LIGHTING – They do have a fast flashing light in both courses. I don’t know if it’s technically a strobe light, but as someone who suffers from epilepsy it would have been useful to be told. I know there are some people that might not like the flashes for various reasons.

The Enchanted Forest

First up was the Enchanted Forest. Honestly I was REALLY surprised how small it is. I know it’s indoors, but they’ve really squashed the holes in together. There are 12 holes, most of which are quite short. I’d say on average each hole only took 3-5 shots and I’m not especially good at golf. There were only three holes that were relatively long, which was balanced out but some that were only a few meters long and practically straight.

On the plus side the decoration is really cool. It’s lit by UV light and has loads of neon paint everywhere. There’s lots of giant bugs, toadstools and carnivorous plants dotted around. It really does look very cool. There’s your usual obstacles to get around and tunnels etc. Smallest Child particularly liked the frog that you have to shoot the ball into its mouth and it “poops” the ball out!

Milton Keynes indoor crazy golf review | Free Time with the Kids
Mr Mulligan's Indoor crazy golf review, Milton Keynes | Free Time with the kids

The Underwater Kingdom

This is where it started to go wrong, but I’ll cover that later. This course has a nautical theme and again, the holes are mostly short and crammed together. Now, I know that crazy golf isn’t supposed to be massive holes that take ages to do, but at these prices I really would have expected something more.

This course has less neon paint (and light) because it’s supposed to be underwater. There are lots of pillars, giant cogs and corals dotted around. There’s also a shark dangling from the ceiling. When you walk past a trigger point it starts playing the da-dum bit of music from Jaws. Smallest Child was NOT a fan of this at all. Turns out I can play gold whilst carrying a scared toddler. Go me!

Underwater Kingdom crazy golf

Our Mr Mulligan’s Indoor Crazy Golf Review

Normally when I’m doing a review this bit would just be a summary but with Mr Mulligan’s crazy golf it gets a proper section! I have very mixed feelings about this place;

It’s not really for kids, but it is good for teenagers and adults

The reason I say this isn’t because kids cannot do it, in fact the boys were really good. It’s an atmosphere thing. When we arrived at 11:15 we were shortly followed by a large group of men. I think it may have been their Christmas party but they were drinking and swearing very loudly. Don’t get me wrong, I swear like a navvy at times, but not around the kids. These guys were stood right next to Smallest Child and Middle Child and dropping F bombs all over the place.

I knew they served alcohol and it says that all under 18’s must leave 20:45 so I wasn’t expecting booze to be served that early in the day. They were really loud, rowdy and off putting. As I’ve mentioned it is all very squashed together and so you can hear everything that is being said. They were also leaving their glasses all over the course. All in, it didn’t make for a family friendly atmosphere. They seem to have a bit of an identity crisis. Is it an adult-friendly venue or a family-friendly one. During the day it cannot really be both.

There were a couple of groups of teenagers there and they were having a great time. I do think it’s a really good idea for older kids, but not pre-teens really. It’s a shame because a lot of their marketing is aimed at younger kids, but also a hen/stag parties. Having experienced the group that I did, I wouldn’t want to be in there during a hen party!

I don’t think it’s good value for money

Before we arrived I didn’t know how long a typical course takes. When I found out it was only 25 minutes I was tempted to walk away but we’d driven all the way to MK. I’ve done various crazy golf courses and they’re usually just a couple of quid per adult. For the extra money I’d expected more than just funky decoration. I did have fun, but I think it’s too expensive for what it is.

Overall I’d probably give it 3/5 for teenagers but for those with younger kids I’d only give it 2/5. We won’t be taking the kids back. Whilst the indoor course may have been disappointing, I want to try (and review) Mr Mulligan’s outdoor course. It’s more expensive, but 18 holes and both boys said they preferred it. Apparently it’s also much larger and so takes longer to get around.

Normally this would qualify as a cheap family day out but, given the amount of time you’re there I’m actually classing it as a treat day.

Admission Cost

Ages 12+ (1 game/2 games) – £8/£12. Under 12 £6/£9. Family ticket £25/£35. Booking is available via their website.

Parking / How to get there

Parking – it’s right next to MK theatre’s car park. Come out of the staircase it the entrance is pretty much in front of you. The car park address is 500 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes MK9 3NZ

Address – Unit B4, Savoy Crescent, Milton Keynes, MK9 3PU




Food and drink available from the bar. There’s alcohol but they didn’t have any kids drinks like fruit shoots. For me, that was another example of how it’s not really a kids friendly venue.

Mr Mulligan's Indoor crazy golf, Milton Keynes | Free Time with the kids review

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