High Wycombe Model Engineering Club Open Day

This review of the open at at High Wycombe Model Engineering Club may well be one of the most British things EVER!!! It might not be that clear from the name but this is a miniature railway club. It’s essentially a massive model train track but it’s big enough for you to ride the trains. The club itself meets each month in Holmer Green and four times a year visitors are allowed to come along to the track and join in. This happens on the last Sunday of May, June, July and August. We went along to the one in August 2019.

High Wycombe Model Engineering Club Open Day | Review | Free Time with the Kids

It’s free to go and have a look at the miniature railway trains. You can have a ride yourself for £1 each (6 tickets for £5). When we visited there were two trains running every few minutes or so. The rides take a couple of minutes each and they go surprisingly fast. Children can ride by themselves, but adults are also allowed on the trains. There are no seat belts etc so use your judgement if you think it would be safe for your child to travel alone. All three kids (and the friends that we were with) LOVED the train rides.

There’s a little railway bridge that you can stand on and watch the trains go by. They also had a steam engine making miniature hay bales which was very cool. We didn’t realise until he was packing away that you could actually use the machine to make your own bales! There are home-made cakes for sale and you can sit on the grass in the middle of the track and watch the trains go by. Obviously you have to wave at every train, and everyone on the train has to wave back!!

There’s not a huge amount to do here other than watch the trains. It’s not a full day out, but we were there for a couple of hours. I think we might actually have stayed for longer but I ran out of cash and smallest child was getting tired.

High Wycombe Model Engineering Club Open Day | Review | Free Time with the Kids

Admission Cost

It’s a fundraising event so entry is free, but rides are £1 each. Babes in arms are free but other children need a ticket.

Parking / How to get there

The High Wycombe Model Engineering Club track is hidden at the back of the cricket pitch in Holmer Green. Stand in the car park with the pavilion building on your left looking towards the cricket pitch. The track is through a gap in the trees on the right hand side of the pitch. Free parking on-site.

Address – Sports Pavilion, Watchet Lane, Holmer Green, High Wycombe. HP15 6UF


There’s a port-a-loo over the railway bridge.


You can bring a picnic if you would like but there is cake and refreshments available.

Our Review

We spent more than I’d anticipated because we all really enjoyed it. Smallest and middle children kept wanting to go again and again. Between the four of us we went on 15 times!!!!!!!!! It’s not a full day out but it was good fun and something different to do.


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