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The Review

Whizzkidz in Thame is one of the biggest soft play centres near Aylesbury. It also seems to be the most popular with parents. When I went to do the Whizz Kidz review it was fairly early in the morning and I thought I’d be able to get some child free photos, but it was already busy. I think one of the reasons why it’s a parent favourite is because the layout and light means it never really feels too packed.

Dotted around they’ve got various game machines and £1 ride machines. I hate those bloomin’ things! Most of the time these just have loads of kids clambering all over them and pestering the adults cash. They also have a free bouncy castle and a sports court area.

The Under 5’s area

Whizz Kidz has two play frames. There’s a really nice under 5’s area and play frame . It was much easier for smallest child to climb around and it’s bigger than the one at Zoomania (Read their review). The under 5s area also has a ball pit, plus a little area with a couple of Little Tikes houses and cars. This is great idea, however those cars need some serious TLC. The first one smallest child got into had a broken front wheel so as soon as she sat in it the front dipped down. In fact, they all had issues with wheels to one extent or another. There is also a dedicated section to Wow Toys which I quite like (mainly because I really like Wow toys)

Whizz Kidz Thame Review | Free Time with the Kids | Things to do Oxfordshire
Whizz Kidz Thame Review | Free Time with the Kids | Things to do Oxfordshire
The main playframe

The main playframe is really good, it’s on 3(ish) levels and has good visibility from the ground. Great for watching the kids. It’s fairly small, but it has a lot packed into it. There are two slides, a ball pit, air cannons, rope bridges and more. My friends will know that I couldn’t really write a Whizz Kidz review without a note of caution about the slide. It’s a brilliant slide with four lanes and it’s really fast. I love going down it myself! They polish it regularly to keep it fast HOWEVER this is how middle child broke his arm. It wasn’t Whizz Kidz’s fault. Middle child was going really fast and he stuck his arm out at the bottom. Please remind kids to keep their arms folded in when on the slide, any slide. Despite the broken bone we’ve been back many times since and now smallest child comes along too.

Whizz Kidz Thame Review | Free Time with the Kids | Things to do Oxfordshire
Whizz Kidz Thame Review | Free Time with the Kids | Things to do Oxfordshire

One thing I noticed is that Whizz Kidz is really clean. You know soft plays can always seem a little bit grubby around the corners? Well it wasn’t like that at all. The seating area is nice and clean too. Yes there are some stains on the carpet, but that is the nature of the beast. The staff are semi-permanently hoovering it up though. The other thing to say about the play frame is that it is fairly easy for an adult to get around too. For slightly younger children who still need (and accept) help, that’s a real bonus.

Whizz Kidz Thame Review | Free Time with the Kids | Things to do Oxfordshire

Admission Cost

Varyies by age and peak/off peak. Under 1’s are free with an older sibling. Prices start at £3.75 (1 yr, off-peak) and go up to £7.75 (5+ peak rate). Adults are free.

Parking / How to get there

Parking – There is on-site parking on the industrial estate, but it can get busy at peak times, particularly school weekdays when the businesses are open as well.

Address – 2-6 Jefferson Way, Thame, Oxon OX9 3SZ


On-site and very child friendly. There’s also a baby change / accessible toilet


You’re not allowed to take your own food, but there is a cafe on site and the food is reasonable.

Our Whizz Kidz Review Score

4.5 / 5. We’re regular visitors and it’s possibly my favourite soft play locally (at the moment).

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2 thoughts on “Whizz Kidz Review

  1. We used to love Whizzkidz. I think it’s a bit tired now and needs some love. The toilets could do with some attention and the carpets too….
    Having said that, it is a haven for smalls. Has a decent cafe and once in there is no time limit so it makes for a decent day out.

    1. Next week I think we might just have to move in for the day to escape the rain! Have you been recently? I agree normally soft play gets a bit rough around the edges (literally frayed in places) but when I was looking around I think they’ve done some work. It did look refreshed. Unless I was just looking at the wrong bits. Lol

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