The Pitt Rivers Museum

S Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PP

Access to the Pitt Rivers museum is through the Oxford Natural History Museum. You can read my full review of that by clicking here

Pitt Rivers is one of the strangest museums I have ever been to but it’s fantastic! This is hubby’s favourite places to visit apparently. It’s a veritable Aladdin’s cave of the weird and wonderful from around the world. Unlike most museums, the exhibits are grouped together by subject matter rather than era or location which means you can compare how different cultures view and depict each thing. They have boats, model ships, native clothing, weaponry, coins, toys, jewellery and even baby carriers! The lower gallery is pretty packed but the upper galleries are less crowded. One thing we found is that there isn’t really a lot of signage so you don’t always know what you’re looking at. 

As you walk into the museum there is a massive totem pole and as you go to the upper floors you can get a better look at the different animals depicted. Smallest child was absolutely terrified of the totem pole for a while and refused to go in there for a while. He’s got over that now though. 

It’s also worth warning you that they have some shrunken heads that might scare smaller kids and also some fertility idols that might require some explanation (or avoiding giving any explanations). 

Entry – Free

Food – None within the Pitt Rivers but there is a small cafe within the Natural History Museum though. 

Toilets – The toilets are VERY plush!

Parking – Can be problematic. There is on street parking on the road opposite the museum but it’s expensive (£5 for 3 hours). You can park in one of the city centre car parks and walk it get the park and ride. 

Rating – 3 / 5. It’s an incredibly eclectic collection from all around the world. Once children are a bit older they really enjoy it but it’s not particularly interesting for the smallest children.

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