Millets Farm Centre

Millets Farm Centre, Kingston Rd OX13 5HB

As well as being a garden centre there are lots of other activities to do with the kids. There is the animal walkway, a play area, falconry centre, carousel, soft play, woodland and pick your own. They regularly have family friendly events as well. 

The Falconry centre is chargeable and costs £20 for a family ticket. You can read my full review here. There is also a charge for the carousel (£2 per ride), pick your own (£2 per person entry but it’s refundable against any fruit purchased) and the soft play (Check out their website for charges). Pre-booking for the soft play is advised and there is a charge for adults and pushchairs let inside (you can leave them outside for free). Personally, I really object to being charged for these and we didn’t go into the soft play area – we were between school runs and didn’t have enough time)

So, on to the free bits. The play area is fairly decent and it has swings, slides and a play frame. The slide was quite fast and proved a real hit with middle child. There are also a couple of coin-operated tractors and diggers but we didn’t go on them. It wouldn’t be worth the trip on its own, certainly not from Aylesbury, but middle child had a lovely time playing. 

There is also the animal walkway. During the winter there are less animals than normal as they’ve gone into their winter accommodation. When we were there we saw Pigs, Llamas, Goats, Sheep and more. There aren’t a huge amount of animals but it is free and isn’t billed as an open farm or petting farm so that’s to be expected. 

The farm leads on to Phoebe’s Wood where you can have a lovely walk and stroll along the lake to feed the ducks. The ducks were all really friendly and liked to follow us down the path expecting to be fed. When we visited there were a lot of signets though so we tried to keep away from the Swans. 

Before we left we popped into the restaurant for a cake and drink. It was quite busy in there, even mid-week during term time but we were served quickly enough. The scone was OK, if a little bit pricey. 

With all the family bits you’d almost be forgiven for forgetting that it’s a garden centre! If you have time then you can also explore the garden centre as well, which the kids enjoy just as much as the rest of it. 

Individually none of these things would be worth travelling so far for, but in combination we had a lovely little day out. There were lots of different types of animals for middle child to see and feed, the playground, the woods and the lake. I know that it can get really busy at times, both in the garden centre and especially in the restaurant. There are lots of events that happen throughout the year; there’s a skating rink, maize maze, santa parade and activities during the school holidays so keep an eye out on the website.

Entry – Free – certain areas and activities are chargeable though 
Parking – On-site
Toilets – On-site
Food – Picnics are welcome in certain areas, restaurant on-site

Rating – 3 / 5 – it was a nice little day out and if it was local then we’d probably visit regularly. 

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