Tyneham Village

Nr Lulworth, Dorset

A sign that was left on the door of the church at Tyneham

Tyneham Village in Dorset is a unique and poignant place. The residents were forced, reluctantly, to abandon the village in 1943. It has remained untouched since then, with much of it now in a state of disrepair. It’s in the middle of a live firing range (You have to drive past burnt out tanks to get to it) so it’s open open a few days of the year. There is something special, peaceful and eerie about this place.

Because many of the houses are in ruins and mother nature has taken over accessibility is an issue. We used a baby carrier rather than the pushchair for the smallest child. Make sure that you visit the school house and church; the only two intact buildings in the village that are open. My eldest and middle children loved discovering the history of the site and exploring how things used to be.

Before visiting have a look at this website to find out more about the buildings and families of the village. It also gives you directions. Because it’s abandoned there is no postcode you can put into Sat Nav. 


I visited here before I set up the blog so the photos I took are a bit “arty”. I think they give a good idea of the decaying beauty of the site. 

Entry – Free

Parking – Ample on-site. £2 suggested donation

Toilets – In the farm house area

Food – Picnics welcome

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