Snowdrops at Stowe (aka Stowedrops)

Some of you may remember my review of the snowdrops (and labyrinth) last year. The National Trust at Stowe make a lot of fuss over their “Stowedrops” and, quite frankly, I was massively underwhelmed last year! Well it turns out I did them a massive dis-service. I was wrong. There, I said it! Before I get started on how I was wrong, if you want to know more about Stowe itself just click here for the review.

When I went to see the snowdrops at Stowe last year I think I was almost expecting everywhere to be a sea of white! Because I wanted to have a look at the labyrinth I turned left when we went through the bell gate, walked all the way along Pegg’s terrace and up to the labyrinth. When I was coming back I walked along the north side of the Eleven Acre Lake. (If none of this makes any sense have a look at this map). Basically, I was walking around the area of the gardens to the left of Stowe House as you look at it. There were some snowdrops, but not loads and loads.

Stowedrops 2020

The good news is that for 2020 Stowe have released a new Stowedrop walk and map. This one does not disappoint. You can get a free copy of the map from the visitor centre. It takes you right, along Pegg’s Terrace, past the Chinese house, into Lamport Garden, up past the Gothic Temple, into Elysian Fields, round the Octagon Lake (past the front of the house) and back to where you started. Apparently it’s 2.2k in total.

When we first started the route I was a bit worried that I was going to be disappointed again. There were a decent amount of snowdrops just past the Chinese house, but the patches were relatively small. Don’t worry though, actually there are loads. The best area had to be around the Lamport Garden. They’ve had to put in a new path to give you access around a house, but it’s worth it because there are so many in this part of the garden. It’s incredibly pretty. I’m gutted I forgot my proper camera because, as good as my phone is, it cannot really do justice to the bigger patches.

Snowdrops at Stowe | Stowedrops | Free Time with the Kids
Snowdrops at Stowe | Stowedrops | Free Time with the Kids
Snowdrops at Stowe | Stowedrops | Free Time with the Kids

I’m not sure how many pictures of snowdrops you want to see, but you get the idea, there are a lot to see on this walk!

Accessibility on the Stowedrop walk

Whenever it’s wet there is the potential for Stowe to get a bit muddy. The paths are fully accessible, albeit REALLY bumpy and uneven, just muddy. It’s pretty much always worth wearing wellies from about October – April. The only exception to this rule on the snowdrops walk is the new path they’ve put in at Lamport Garden. It’s a woodchip path, through a small area of woodland, it’s uphill and it’s bloomin’ hard going with a pushchair! We made it through, but it was a lot of effort. Actually, it’s worth mentioning that on several parts of the snowdrop walk at Stowe it’s uphill. In some places it’s quite steep. This isn’t a gentle stroll around your average garden after all!

Snowdrops aren’t the only spring flowers popping up at Stowe currently, and don’t forget the whole gardens are a great place for a photo. There were so many people with massive, professional looking cameras there today! Don’t forget, you can read my full review of Stowe by clicking here.

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