Mucky Pups Craft Kits Review

I really enjoy doing crafts with the kids, but I’m not necessarily the most artistic person, just an enthusiastic wannabe. I also like to make it as easy on myself as possible. The craft kits from Mucky Pups do exactly that. Different kits are suitable for different ages from two to eight years. They include all the resources to make four different crafts within a particular theme. We were gifted the rainbow box and essentials pack to test out with Smallest Child (although the boys were very much up for helping out).

What’s in the box?

Each box contains all of the resources to make four crafts. Everything is in its own pack so you don’t have to sort out one craft from another. The packs don’t contain glue etc, but you can order those for £1.95 in the essentials starter pack.

The craft kits are completely ready to go and there’s nothing fiddly about them. Or at least there wasn’t anything too fiddly in the kit that we tried out, but it was aimed at younger children anyway. Just grab and bag and you’re ready to go. In fact, they’re so easy there aren’t even instructions in the box. All you need to do is have a look on their website or social media pages to see what you’re aiming for. I’ll admit the concept of doing it that way did throw me a little but, actually, you really didn’t need the instructions. Creating some would just have been a waste of time and effort.

Mucky Pups craft kits | Review by Free time with the Kids

Rainbow craft kit

The four crafts that we had in our Mucky Pups craft kit were all rainbow related. Seems very apt given the fact that rainbows have been everywhere for the past 18 months. Each activity took us about 20/30 minutes to do.

First up was colour sorting to make a rainbow. I’ll be honest, this one messed with my sense of order. We sorted all of the objects into their different colours. So far so good. Then she wanted to take more of a haphazard approach to the actual placement of those objects within the rainbow. With a bit of cheeky readjustment we’re almost there, but it’s not exactly like it’s “supposed” to be. That said, adding your own touch is part of the fun AND it’s supposed to be something nice to do together, not art-gallery-worthy!

We also had a rainbow sun catcher, plate rainbow and raindrop collage. These have all ended up a bit closer to the pictures than our first activity did. The hand-print rainbow has also got an element of free-styling going on so there’s no hand-print at all, “just” a painted sun. And that’s fine.

Mucky Pups craft kits | Review by Free time with the Kids

How the Mucky Pups craft kits compare

We’ve tried out various did craft activity boxes and, by far, these were the simplest to do straight out of the box. There was no cutting, no pre-prep and no faff – just getting straight into the craft. Most of the boxes I’ve done before included the glue/paintbrush etc. so I was a bit surprised by this didn’t BUT actually – did it need to? I now have about 100 paint brushes and almost as many glue sticks and glue bottles. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight. Automatically including them, whilst very useful if I didn’t have them already, adds to the cost both for me and them. I can see the pros and cons of both really, and there is the option to add the essentials if you need to!

In terms of the crafts themselves, the box that we tried has generated four keep-sake worthy crafts. Smallest Child now has three of them up on her door and I’ve got the sun catcher on the window in front of my desk. It’s right in my line of sight so whenever I look up I see it which is really sweet. I think that’s one thing that sets the Mucky Pups craft boxes apart from others – because so much of it is pre-prepared for you, you get a better looking result!


There are various craft kits available on their website, suitable for a range of ages. They cost £7 each, plus a flat postage fee of £2.95 (there’s free postage for order over £50). There is also a subscription option which makes the boxes £6 each (plus the postage cost). Looking at the maths you could just order 6 boxes in one go and then keep them until you needed them, which would save you a fair bit on the total cost.

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